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412 Dance Improvisation II - An introduction to partnering techniques including lifts, turns, and sustained adagio work. Prerequisite: by permission of instructor only.
One credit Farmer Fall Semester

460 Skills and Preparation for Dance Careers - An orientation for those planning a career in dance. Legal, financial, educational, and performance aspects will be covered with a focus on preparing and guiding the individual student to the area in which he/she will be most successful. Prerequisite: seniors and juniors by permission of the instructor. Majors only.
Two credits Graham Spring Semester Even Years

480 Dance Composition II - An advanced composition class in which students explore all areas of concert production. Each student will choreograph and produce a piece as a final project. Prerequisite: Dance Composition
Two credits Iannacone Fall Semester

490 Independent Study - Advanced research in dance history and other studies.
Two-Three credits Graham Fall & Spring Semesters

495 Advanced Studies in Dance - Further study for the advanced student in choreography or a particular area of need or interest. Prerequisite: Dance Composition; for dance majors only.
One-Three credits Graham Fall & Spring Semesters

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