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104 Jazz Novice: This course is designed introduce the student with no previous experience in dance to the basic elements of jazz dance with emphasis on fundamental technique, rhythm, style, and performance. Basic principles of jazz movement along with some history of jazz dance and music will be explored through a conditioning warm-up, across the floor techniques and center combinations. Movement and music styles include rudimentary Classical, Swing/Musical Theater, Latin, Disco and Contemporary One-credit, Guest, Fall Semester

140 Jazz I - A study of jazz techniques, free style movement, floor and barre work, and combinations designed for the student with no training in any dance form. The purpose of this course is to introduce the beginning student to a wide range of movement and provide a creative means of expression for theater dance.
One credit Farmer Fall & Spring Semesters

142 Jazz II- A continuation of Jazz I Beginning; designed for the student with at least one semester of jazz. The purpose of this course is to develop an understanding of basic principles and technique, and to introduce the student to more complex dynamics, styles, and combinations.
One credit Farmer Fall & Spring Semesters

145 Jazz III- A continuation of Jazz I Advanced; designed to prepare the student for dance composition and improvisation, with emphasis on improvement of technique, style, and performance.
One credit FarmerFall & Spring Semesters

147 Jazz IV- A continuation of Jazz II Beginning; intermediate-advanced level; designed to further develop the student for dance composition and improvisation. Emphasis is placed on technique and the importance of rhythms, dynamics, special awareness, and projection as means of creating variety in dance.
One Guest Fall & Spring Semesters

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