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Internships are available in the education, psychology, engineering, biology, and chemistry departments for students who are pursuing double majors in those fields of study. Internships are offered year-round to interested students, on or off-campus. They provide additional educational opportunities that further prepare students for industry or graduate school after completion of their undergraduate degrees.

The Arts Program in New York

The Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA) provides rich opportunities in its New York Arts Semester for students seriously interested in dance performance and choreography. The program gives students ready access to a vast number of original works of art, to a variety of dramatic and musical events, and to special collections of research materials. Students participate, through apprenticeships or less formal means, in the milieu of the professional artist to better understand the intentions, the problems, and the means of the art of dance.

The Philadelphia Center Sponsored by the GLCA

This program is designed to promote intellectual and professional development for students while living in the city and learning in an experience-based as well as traditional academic context. This program gives dance therapy students a chance to encounter an integrated work experience with educational, social, and professional development.

The Chicago Semester

This program is for dance education majors in their final year. It allows students to teach dance in a public school where there is a full-time dance program. It fulfills their student teaching requirement in a way that allows them to teach dance and another subject area in the public schools.

The French Semester*

This program, administered by the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) in Paris, will prepare a student for a number of fields including dance
choreography, criticism, history, anthropology, writing, and/or working for an international dance company. Students will take courses at the IES center in Paris, be housed in French homes, and experience field trips connected with the IES program. A French major or minor is recommended.

The Mexico Semester*

This program partners with the Universidad Autonoma De Queretaro, where students pursue dance classes, continue their dance careers and experience Mexican culture. All classes are in Spanish. Students are advised to be fluent in Spanish before applying.

*Contact Linda Graham, faculty for International Study, if interested.

Local area internships are available in various fields.

In area schools K - 6, 7 - 12, mini-teaching assignments for Dance Education


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