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Student Produced
Dance Concerts

Annual Faculty
Dance Concert



In the spring semester, the dance department faculty choreographs the annual faculty dance production. The faculty create new works in all the disciplines taught through the dance department (ballet, jazz, tap, and modern).

Students audition during the fall semester for the upcoming spring concert. They audition for any number of choreographers, and if elected they may participate in a maximum of two pieces, with the exception of freshmen who may be cast in only one piece. Those who cannot audition at the stated time need to contact the choreographer to arrange an audition time. The final casting is a full faculty effort. There is no guarantee that you will be cast in a piece, regardless of your year in school. Once casts are determined, rehearsal schedules are assigned. Rehearsal times are exclusive of scheduled class times. All cast members are expected to adhere to the final schedule. This may require remaining on campus through the winter break period at the discretion of each faculty choreographer.

The professionally run dance concert offers a great opportunity for learning about dance production and professional work ethics in the most visible and popular performance opportunity on campus. The production is enhanced by the talents of professional costume and lighting designers and staged at the Knickerbocker Theatre.


StrikeTime is a touring student dance company under the tutelage and direction of Linda Graham and Nicki Flinn. The students involved develop a unique script and choreograph short works for the script in the various dance disciplines to provide K-6th grade children a learning experience and exposure to dance. The company provides students with an opportunity to learn about company dynamics and responsibilities, as well as a firsthand experience in teaching young children.

Sacred Dance

Interested students may audition to work under the guidance of Maxine DeBruyn in creating and performing sacred dance in chapel and area churches.

Musical Theater

The theater department offers other opportunities for performing in the genre of musical theater. Interested students may audition for these productions and further expand their performance skills in dance and song.


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