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Student Produced
Dance Concerts

Annual Faculty
Dance Concert



Students are provided with the unique opportunity to further explore/develop choreographic and performing talents as well as production elements through a self-produced student choreographed dance concert. This opportunity is open to the entire Hope College student population and especially encouraged and/or required for the dance minor and major.

The Dow Center dance studio and the Knickerbocker Theatre are secured each semester for presentation of original student choreography. The Dow Center dance studio concert will include all works. The Knickerbocker Theatre concert will include works selected by the adjudication process and that are proscenium space appropriate.

Students are responsible for creating their own work and for finding and casting their own dancers. They conceive and rehearse their work, are responsible for costumes and may get the opportunity to design a simple light plot if and when applicable.

Students taking Composition I & II are responsible for creating a work in accordance with their class syllabus that will be integrated into the student dance concerts. There is some budgetary assistance possible for these works, if necessary and approved.

Students may: Choreograph (2) two pieces OR Dance (2) two pieces OR Choreograph (1) one piece and Dance (1) one piece (Solos danced by their choreographer are considered (2) two pieces)

Students enrolled in Advanced Composition (DAN495) and or Composition I (DAN305) and/or Composition II (DAN480) may perform in OR choreograph in one piece outside of their course requirements.

A student enrolled in the (DAN295) Introduction to Dance Production class will not perform in the student concert that same semester, but may choreograph with permission from the instructor.

The Dance Department faculty will facilitate multiple showings (2-3) and all pieces which have participated in the full adjudication process (3 showings) will be presented at the Dow Center Concert.

Student pieces must be completed by third showing.

All works performed will receive a final adjudication by guest adjudicators at the Dow Concert. Works selected by them will move to the Knickerbocker Theatre for performance with technical and design support.

Student Dance Concert Adjudication Process:

Students will show their works in various stages of creation at (2-3) informal showings. The concert's faculty co-coordinators will adjudicate these showings. A panel of at least (3) guest adjudicators will critique the Dow Concert. These adjudicators will select the pieces for the Knickerbocker Theatre Concert and may consult with the dance department faculty on their decision.

Adjudicators will be looking for evidence of original thought including rigorous movement research and creative process and product along with other indicators of maturity and sophistication, as well as appropriate choices in teh categories listed on the assessment sheet.

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