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2012 Adventure

There is No Bully in Frog

Pity Poor Princess Galapagos! The 3 Evil Step-Dancers can't leave her alone to dance in her own way- they Bully her to Dance their dances 'til she drops. What's a Princess to do? Running away to escape their jeers, she meets a Mystical Mr. BullFrog, and seeing someone smaller than she, the Princess bullies Mr. BullFrog. But the tables get turned when she touches the frog - a mystical circuit surges to life and where once stood a Princess there now hops a Frogess. Oh No! How can she become her own wonderful Princess Galapagos again? The answer takes our Frogess on a journey filled with adventure and new friends, who show her how confidence & the 3 elements of dance can help this Frogess Princess learn to be the best Princess (frog or human), and the best Dancer, that she can be.




Manny and Kat, on assignment for the National Geographic Society, are excited to be the first photographers to enter the one-of-a-kind Dancing Rainforest. But they encounter a problem that might mean the end of the Dancing Rainforest! Instead of getting amazing photos of the unique animals dancing around, Manny and Kat find themselves using all their energy racing through time and space to save the animals and their homes. Along the way, they must help a snake, some monkeys, and even some birds of paradise dance again by saving the Time, Space and Energy Trees that make the Dancing Rainforest unique. Can Manny, Kat and their animal friends find the Pop-Log'n Drop It Logger before it is too late? To learn of what happens, join us on our adventure deep into the Dancing Rainforest!


Pop-Log'n Drop It's Jam

by Linda Graham & the StrikeTimers

No need to break on me
'Cause now I see
Why everyone
Time Space and Energy needs
Dudes-I'm Jiggy-Jam!

Hip-Hop y'all and I don't stop
Trees come down when I'm rockin' on top

I'm a Hip-Hop Logger, to do my gig
I pop log 'n drop with my sweet rig (indicates chainsaw)

To be authentic with physical graffiti
Know you history: Mambo Rafiki*!

African American social dancing
Combined with music makes more than prancing

Front swipes side swipes back spin freeze!
Snake-hit-bust a move twisty-flex Please!

Strut stop wave point skeeters scooby-dooo!
Booga-loo 'n stop-n-go which way are you?

*"Mambo Rafiki" means "what's up, friends?" in Kiswahili*

Ecosystem ContreDanse

A prairie sunrise, mountain storm
Lakeside dunegrass, oceans warm
An Afrikan savannah great
Each habitat will surely rate

They each have their eco-dance
That follow the energy through the plants
It comes from the sun to make plants alive
And gives the critters a home to thrive

It's smooth, it's sharp, it's strong, it flows
In every living creature grows
They dance together every day
In space that's meant for them to play

To keep its cycle motion strong
Everyone must play along
So each dancer does his bit
Or the echo-system will cease, will quit

Diversity is needed here
Bio-diversity, let's be clear
Ballet birds and modern snakes
Taping monkeys, no mistakes

Even hip-hop loggers jam
In this diverse and living land
With Energy, Space, and Time they Live
The Eco-Dance is ours to Give

~Dancing Rainforest



Mr. Miagi's Waltzing Adventures (2008-2009)

Tillie has a problem. The School Talent Show audition is a week away. All of her friends are going to be performing, and she's feeling left out, lonely and desolate. She knows she loves to dance-but doesn't know how to "put it all together"! She needs help- and goes to just the right place to find it! The Town Library has all kinds of great books- maybe one of them will give her some ideas. When a strange book appears at her feet, she opens it, and guess who appears out of "Mr. Miagi's Waltzing Adventures"? Mr. Miagi needs something too- a key to open a special treasure. He and Tillie decide to help each other, and that's when the real adventures begin! On the way, Tillie learns about the elements of dance: Time, Space, and Energy, and meets many new fun friends who lend a hand. But can they help Tillie find a way to dance? And even if she does. will she make it back in time to audition for the School Talent Show?

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