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Photo Gallery


The Dancing Rainforest (2009-2010)


Birds in motion

Group in action

(Photos for the 2009-2010 Season by Ashley Berger)


Mr. Miagi's Waltzing Adventures (2008-2009)


The Mysterious Museum Adventure (2006-2007)

Dance-Town (2007)
(sung to the tune of "Downtown")

When you are down
And feel like wearing a frown
You can always start-Dancing!

Music that moves
A rhythmic beat only proves
That you can always start-Dancing!

You have it in yourself to feel the joy and be expressive
Your body dancing in the space with energy impressive

Focus with Fun
Be fit
Be strong
And you'll know
That you have self-discipline
And friends who go with you-Dancing!

Space is awaiting you-Dancing!
Time give a beat for true-Dancing!
Energy ever new - Dancing! Dancing...dancing...dancing...(fadeout)


5 Food Groups (2004-2005)

Food WRap (2004)

We are the five food groups
We like to get down
Into your tummy
So we can get 'round
Your system, that is
And help you grow strong
Tall smart sharp
So come on along!

I'm MILK doncah know
From this carton I flow
With calcium, magnesium,
Zinc, so you grow
Strong bones! (boom boom)
Strong teeth! (click click)
Dairy is healthy
Get MILK (boom/click)

Hey Hey I'm BREAD
Don't look with such dread
I'll give you good energy
So you're not dead
On your feet when you need
To make that big play
I'm always inside
Hero of the day

I'm FRUIT, like banana
And I got this to say
I'm tasty bit to eat-
I'm the snack of the day
Called fruit, like
Lemon-lime apple berries too
GOOD sugars and fiber
I'll give to you

Peas lend an ear (corn)
Lettuce entertain you
Wrong I will not steer
You when you carrot all
To eat just the best
Minerals and Vitamins
More! Not less

MEAT be sweet
And neat and fleet
Protein building
No defeat
For those who eat their chicken
Tuna burger stroganooff
Muscle building keeps your
Energy from romanoff

We come to you
As a power of 5
Dairy, Bread, Fruit
Meat Vegetables jive
Shake shimmy sham shiver
Nutrition arrive
When our powers unite (pause...)

~by the Scary Hairy Dairy Fairy


The Hunter Goes to the Jungle (2003-2004)

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