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Student Reviews

Here are some comments from elementary school students:

Dear StrikeTime,
I had a wonderful time. I was called up every time to dance. I was kind of shy. Every time I danced I looked at the floor. I thought everyone was laughing at me. I liked when we learned about dance. Time, space, and energy is the first thing you need. I liked when you gize [guys] dance to show us the 3 rules. That was the best dance ever. So I just wanted to thank you for entertaining us.
Thank you!!
Your friend, Khylir Patton

Dear StrikeTime Dancers,
I liked your play. It was very funny. It was very fun. I had a lot of fun. After the play, the people from the play came to my class and gave out autographs.
David Flemming

Dear StrikeTime Dancers,
I've enjoyed you and your play! I hope you can come back and perform again.
5th grader Octavia Jones

Dear Striketime, I liked your show a lot! I especially liked the beginning. My favorite characters are...all of you! I thought all of you were in your own way at that show. I liked the way you felt what the character felt. You guys taught me a lot of stuff I never knew.
I want to thank you for coming to Harrison School.
Miguel Campos

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