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Applications will be available soon in the DEMA office!

Applications are due: Friday March 29, 2013

Selection Day: Friday April 12, 2013

The George F. Baker Scholars Program develops the business leadership potential of a select group of students who are declared business, accounting or economics majors at Hope College. The program emphasizes academic excellence, quality of character, responsibility, and motivation. Thus, the George F. Baker Scholars Program recognizes students who show promise of being exceptional business leaders, and specifically intend to pursue their career directly in business and/or to attend a graduate school of business.

Baker Scholars are involved in a variety of activities during the academic year which enhance their business education. Some of these activities include: participating in seminars with business people; visiting a variety of local businesses; organizing and publicizing departmental activities, such as lecture programs of guest speakers and visiting professors, and student seminars; taking trips to metropolitan areas to increase the students' business awareness; attending breakfasts and luncheons with Baker selectors and informal gatherings with the departmental faculty.

Along with this honor also comes the responsibility of making a 2 year commitment to the program. Being such a small group, the input of each member is needed to make the Baker Scholars Program a success. The selectors are therefore looking for individuals who are able to budget their time effectively and who are willing to set the Baker Scholars Program as a priority and who intend to pursue a business career and/or intend to attend a graduate business school.

Admission into the Baker Scholars Program takes place toward the conclusion of Spring Semester and is only open to sophomores who, as stated above, are declared business, accounting or economics majors. If you would like more information, we invite you to continue to explore our web-page.

Requirements: In order for a student to be considered for selection, the student must:

  • Be a declared major in Management, Accounting or Economics
  • Be a sophomore with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 through the first three semesters
  • Be dedicated to pursuing a career in business and/or plan on attending graduate business school after Hope
  • Be able and willing to actively participate in the Program for the next two years