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“To develop our leadership potential through meaningful conversation with professionals and practitioners in all fields, through experiences including trips to large metropolitan areas, and through a commitment to continuous learning.”

Who are Baker Scholars?

A select group of upper-class students, chosen by a panel of local business professionals through a rigorous application and interview process. All applicants meet a high academic standard, however, those selected are distinguished by their leadership potential. Bakers are motivated, intelligent, hard working, creative, passionate and unique.

What is the focus of the Baker Scholar Program?
The focus is to select an elite group who plan a career in business or future graduate business studies. The intent is to provide the Baker Scholars with experiences and opportunities outside the normal curriculum of the College. Another emphasis of the group is based on building lasting relationships within the group, and have all participate actively. The students will be selected based on their potential as leaders of America’s future organizations and institutions.

What is the purpose of the Baker Scholar Program at Hope College?
The underlying purpose of the Baker Program at Hope College is to expand the Baker students by pursuing professional and cultural learning found beyond the College curriculum. This allows them to discover their true passions in business and connect it to various aspects of their lives.


Baker Scholars
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