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Eonomics and Business OVERVIEW

The Department of Economics and Business seeks to prepare students with the professional skills and academic breadth necessary for leadership and service in the dynamic world of business and economics.

Both theoretical and applied concepts of economics, accounting and business are stressed. Economic theory and quantitative skills serve as the cornerstone for advanced work in economics and management. Knowledge of mathematics, strong verbal and written communication skills and basic computer literacy are required, but we also expect our students to appreciate and draw from their knowledge of history, psychology, sociology, philosophy, ethics, politics, the natural sciences, other cultures and languages, and the arts.

The demands made upon professional managers, accountants and economists require that they be competent in the use of the analytical tools of their trades and well-informed about the complex socio-economic environment in which they work.

Students majoring in the department actively participate in off-campus programs in Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and London, internships with local business firms, and independent research projects. They meet frequently with distinguished business executives and economists.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on applying theory to practice. For example, students in recent years have:

  • held management internships with a variety of firms.
  • produced market research and benefit/cost studies.
  • prepared employee personnel handbooks.
  • participated in a business consulting program with the local Chamber of Commerce.
  • prepared econometric forecasts for local businesses.

Courses in investments and business law are taught by assisting faculty members, who are full-time specialists in their respective fields.

Computer applications and simulations, role-playing, management, business, accounting and economics case studies enliven the classroom work.

Hope College is the only college in the state of Michigan, and one of thirty-three in the country, to have received a George F. Baker Foundation Grant. This grant provides special enrichment and growth opportunities to students who show promise of being exceptional business leaders.