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"Doing Business in Europe"
May 21 - June 12, 2015 

This exchange program is a 3-week summer program designed and delivered by Hanze University. All classes are conducted in English and will satisfy the management elective requirement: 3-4 credits (to be determined).

• Guest lectures, seminars, workshops on how European markets work, legal aspects of international trade, Eurozone economic and monetary integration, etc.

• Business excursions to large multinational corporations

• Social and cultural activities

• Visit Amsterdam for cultural experience

• Visit Bremen, Germany for business visits

This summer program allows Hope College to send 4 students to Hanze University. The cost is 950 Euros for housing and program expenses, Hope tuition for 3 May term credits, plus travel to Groningen, meals and personal expenses

For more information on Hanze University, click here.

Contact Professor Jackson, Management Professor, (VZN 175, jackson@hope.edu) if you are interested in this great opportunity to study abroad.