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Finding Our Way: Teacher Education Reform in the Liberal Arts Setting

Education Department Joint Publication
Spring, 2004
Finding Our Way: Teacher Education Reform in the Liberal Arts Setting
vol. 13 in the Series: Questions About the Purpose(s) of Colleges & Universities
New York: Peter Lang Publishing

Reforming teacher education is not only a focal point in the teacher education arena, it also has political, social, and cultural overtones. This book tells the story of how the education faculty at Hope College, a small, Midwestern liberal arts college recovered from the loss of its NCATE (National Council of Accreditation for Teacher Education) accreditation. Over a period of ten years, the faculty revitalized, reconceptualized, and redesigned their teacher education program, regaining national accreditation in the process. Among the issues addressed are developing a conceptual framework and an assessment plan, the teaching of reading and writing, field placements, technology integration, creative staffing, and diversity. What emerges is a portrait of a faculty engaged in a vibrant and developmental process of change and reform focused on the preparation of quality teacher’s for America’s schools. In a very real sense, this book demonstrates that all reform is local.


Chapter 1 Historical Context (by Richard J. Mezeske)

Chapter 2 Conceptual Framework (by Jeanine Dell’Olio)

Chapter 3 Assessment (by Nancy Cook)

Chapter 4 Reading Instruction (by Richard J. Mezeske)

Chapter 5 Writing Instruction (by Tony Donk)

Chapter 6 Technology Integration (by Susan Cherup)

Chapter 7 Staffing (by C. Baars Bultman)

Chapter 8 Diversity (by John Yelding)

Chapter 9 Scholarship (by Yooyeun Hwang)

Chapter 10 Brain Considerate Learning (by Leslie Wessman & Linda Jordan)

Chapter 11 At-Risk Learners (by Ronald Wolthuis)

Chapter 12 Field Experiences (by Jeanine Dell’Olio & Richard J. Mezeske)