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Optimal Resume

The Career Development Center is utilizing a new resume creation and management software called Optimal Resume for all student resumes. The Optimal Resume is a free, web-based resume and cover letter creation and storage tool. The Optimal Resume will be the ONLY resume tool used by the Education Department for student teaching placements and by the Career Development Center to locate candidates for internships and full-time job opportunities.

Resumes can be created through one of the options below after following these guidelines: click here

1) the Optimal Resume program click here
2) a Word document that can be uploaded to Optimal Resume. click here

Resumes MUST be approved by the Career Development Center through the Review Center (which is part of the software program). Multiple drafts may be needed before final approval is made by their office. Only approved resumes will be used for student teaching placements as well as recruiting purposes. All resumes will be reviewed within 48 hours of being submitted to the Review Center.