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Alumni Profiles

Luke Pinkerton (1997)
Owner-PolyTorx, Inc.

"Since starting the business I'm constantly faced with challenges. I can trace many tools I use to solve problems back to classes I took at Hope College." Read More

Sam Klooster (2002)
Lockheed Martin
Advanced Development Projects Unit

"After graduating in 2002 Sam Klooster went on to graduate school in Georgia Tech and eventually found himslef a job as Skunk Works. Skunk Works has been a leading innovator for the U.S. miliatry since World War II". Read More

Matt Kalajainen (2002)
GMB Architects-Engineers

"Hope Engineering gave me a jump-start on my career by combining the power of internships and real-world design experience. Hope's liberal arts education, together with an accredited engineering program, gave me a competitive edge in my profession as an engineer." Read More

Lora VanUffelen (2002)
Assistant Researcher, University of Hawaii, Department of Ocean and Resources Engineering, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology

"I feel that Hope has prepared me exceptionally well for graduate school. The engineering program has a very broad base, which made the transition to a specialized field like oceanography quite seemless." Read More