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Thermal Fluids Laboratory

The thermal fluids lab has a subsonic open circuit wind tunnel with a square test section measuring 0.5 x 0.5 meters (20x20 inches) capable of a top wind speed of 36 meters/second (80 miles per hour). Velocity, static pressure, and dynamic pressure in the wind tunnel are measured using an Alnor Velometer Series 6000 with static pressure, pitot, and diffuser probes. The lab is also equipped with a liquid fluid flow apparatus consisting of a 55 galllon reservoir, a Teel 4RH57 centrifugal pump with Dayton ½ hp Model 9HK94 motor, two King rotameters, a Meriam well-type manometer, a Dwyer Mark II Model 25 inclined manometer, assorted segments of pipe and tubing in various materials and diameters, and various valves and fittings. Two Quincy Lab laboratory ovens are also available.

Used in the following courses:
ENGS 346 - Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
ENGS 348 - Heat Transfer
ENGS 451- Introduction to Engineering Design
ENGS 452- Engineering Design