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collaborating for clean water

Engineers Without Borders is a national non-profit organization which provides aid to people around the world.  It partners with communities in developing countries in order to improve quality of life through the implementation of environmentally and economically sustainable engineering projects.

The Hope student chapter of EWB has primarily focused its efforts on improving the water quality of Nkuv Cameroon.  Beginning in early 2006, students raised support –through a number of fund-raising activities - for a trip to Nkuv the following May.  Organizations such as the Crossroads Project gave their support, and the team departed on the 3 week trip. 

The students were given the task of developing biosand filters to purify Nkuv residents’ drinking water.

Students, faculty, and village members worked side-by-side in the design, construction, and implementation of the filters.  Initial set-backs encouraged critical thinking on-site, which led to the installation of 5 fully operational filters by the end of the trip.  Villagers were given the training necessary to construct and maintain new filters, 9 of which were planned for construction in the near future.

The Hope chapter of EWB is an effective program for those wishing to have an impact on the world around them.  Each year, students seek to design more efficient and cost effective filtration devices for use in communities such as Nkuv.  Not only engineering majors are included; the group is happy to accept members from all fields of study. 

If you are interested in learning more about Hope’s chapter of EWB, please visit:

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