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Science and Technology of Everyday Life
Laboratory Projects

These projects provide an opportunity to work with familiar technological devices. The projects explore both the technological and scientific aspects of familiar technological devices, and demonstrate how technology incorporates a scientific understanding of nature. Projects are optimized for people with little prior technical background. 

Project development supported by the NSF

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Make-and-Take Projects
The "Make-and-Take" hands-on projects involve the construction of simple working technological devices. The projects are made from inexpensive and generally common materials. It is expected that each person would take home the working device that has been constructed. Most of the projects do not require specialized equipment or facilities and can be completed in less than three hours.
Radio Lab
Electric Motor Lab
Pinhole Camera Lab
Loudspeaker Lab
Keyboard Lab
CD-to-Cassette Adapter Lab
Do-and-Leave Projects
The "Do-and-Leave" category represents a diverse range of projects each providing an uncommonly high degree of contact with the workings of technology. While the projects provide hands-on experiences and direct contact with familiar technological devices, the hardware used is not taken home. Activities include taking apart a car engine, assembling a working lamp, and fixing a broken telephone. 

Car Engine Lab
Telephone Lab
Electricity Lab

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