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Who Should I Ask About…?

  • Questions about Transfer Credit?

    Students who wish to take courses elsewhere while at Hope and transfer them for Hope College credit are encouraged to make arrangements before taking the course to ensure transferability. Students will usually need to obtain a description of the course in order for a decision to be made about its Hope equivalence.

    Forms for requesting that courses taken at other institutions be counted toward Hope general education requirements (or a major or minor) are available in the Registrar’s Office and on the Registrar webpage.

    If the course is within a particular discipline (for example, Psychology or Biology), students should consult with the chairperson of the particular department.

    If the student wishes to transfer a course from another college or university and have it count as a Hope IDS course, students should contact the IDS Director, Professor Curtis Gruenler.

    If the course is to be taken in a Hope College off campus program, either in the U.S. or international, students should consult the Registrar’s Office and the Hope College director of the particular program.
  • Questions about Course Selection?

    Students are strongly urged to discuss your personal learning objectives with your academic advisor and other faculty members so that they can help you maximize the value of your Hope College education.

  • Choosing General Education Courses