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Global Learning/Cultural Diversity—Four Credits

Beginning with students entering Hope College in Fall 2012, the Cultural Diversity requirement has been replaced with a Global Learning requirement. Students entering Hope during or after Fall 2012 are required to complete two global learning (GL)-flagged courses.  Students are required to complete one GL-flagged course with a focus on domestic (U.S.) diversity; these courses have a GLD flag. Students are also required to take one GL-flagged course with a focus on international (non-U.S.) diversity; these courses have a GLI flag.  Global Learning courses are offered both throughout the General Education Program and in the majors. 

To find global learning courses, on the Registrar's Class Schedule site, once you have selected the term you are interested in, scroll down the Attributes menu to select either International Global Learning or Domestic Global Learning. Then click the box where it says "Show all subjects with selected attribute" and select the "Search Class" button at the bottom of the screen to get a list of courses across all departments

An example of a domestic global learning course is the Encounter with Cultures course, Interdisciplinary Studies 200.

Encounter with Cultures Gen Ed course

This course is an interdisciplinary introduction focusing on concepts of race, ethnicity, gender, class and other forms of cultural identity and difference in contemporary American society. Students will focus on the backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives of several specific American cultural groups, such as African, Asian, Hispanic, Jewish, and Native American.


For Faculty:

Global Learning