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Mathematics & Natural Sciences—Ten Credits

Because science and technology profoundly shape the world in which we live, Hope College requires students to take ten credits of mathematics and natural science courses. Students will deepen their understanding of mathematical reasoning and appreciate the usefulness and limitations of mathematical models. Students will also deepen their understanding of the processes of science and the way that science interprets the natural world. Students will “do” science in hands-on contexts in laboratories and through field work.

Whether you are a science major or seeking to become conversant in a general way within science and mathematics will dictate your personal pathway in meeting this requirement. Consult with your advisor as you choose courses.


General Education Math and Science (GEMS) for Non-Science Majors

Mathematical thinking permeates our society, as do scientific methods and technology. Especially designed for non-science majors, GEMS courses employ interdisciplinary approaches to enhance students' understanding of the power and limitations of mathematical and scientific investigation as it applies to real-world questions and problems. GEMS courses fall into three categories: Mathematics courses; four-credit, interdisciplinary, laboratory-based science and technology courses; and two-credit topical science and technology courses.

How to Choose Courses to fulfill the Math and Science Gen Ed Requirement depending on your Major

For some Social Science majors, you will need to take some math and science courses to satisfy the requirements of your major. Determine which of these required courses will also satisfy the general education requirement. For example, if you are an economics, psychology, or sociology major, you will need to take Math 210 Introduction to Statistics. This course will also count towards your general education math and science requirement of 10 credits.