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Preparing for an Off-Campus Semester or Year

  • Planning is ESSENTIAL. Sometimes courses taken on off-campus programs may complete requirements for general education and/or majors and minors. Approval forms (which require signatures of department chair and advisor) are available in the Registrar's Office.

    Students may be ready to meet the academic demands of an off-campus program in their junior year if theay have declared their major and taken three or four classes in their major area.

  • More than 200 programs in over 60 countries are official Hope College programs. Students should check with the Office of International Education if they have questions.
  • Off-campus study requires TWO applications. The first is a general "Off Campus Study" application, required of all Hope students who want to study off-campus. Hope College uses this application to assure that students have the background, GPA, personal characteristics and maturity needed for successful study off-campus. The Office of International Education publishes the date these applications are due.
    The second is an application for the specific program the student wishes to enroll in. Again, the program representative can tell students the exact date this application is due.
  • When students enroll in official Hope College programs, they remain Hope students. Grades earned on these programs will be posted to their academic transcript. Their state and federal awards (excluding Federal Work-Study) apply to the cost of their program.
  • Students should check with the Office of Financial Aid (100 East 8th Street, first floor) to see if institutional financial aid (Hope scholarships, awards, grants) is transportable to their off-campus study program. The College will review this policy annually, so it's important that students follow up.
  • Tuition is set at the full-time Hope College tuition rate, unless the official off-campus program's tution is greater than Hope's--in which case the program's tuition will be charged.
  • Airfare to and from the program site is an additional cost. Most programs have a $500 deposit due after acceptance to the program.
  • Try to help students plan their off-campus semester during a FALL semester; enrollment in spring semester off-campus programs is very limited.