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Student Research Projects

Examples of Student Projects

  • Amanda Brisbin studied the mineralogy of bottom sediments in small lakes in the Lake Michigan coastal zone. She used analytical tools such as an x-ray diffractometer and a scanning electron microscope in this investigation;
  • Tyler Depke developed procedures to create 3-dimensional computer models of dinosaur bones and outcrops from digital stereophotographs

  • Kimberly Jongsma examined pollen from Goshorn Lake in order to test the hypothesis that grass and pine pollen would be more abundant in sediments deposited during periods of dune mobility;

  • Trevor Daly used diatom assemblages to study changes in depth and water chemistry over the last 6,000 years in a small lake near the Hope College nature preserve;

  • Austin Dreyer traveled to the Mohonk Preserve, New Paltz, New York, to examine the relationship between geologic setting and population genetics in the groundwater-dwelling insect Folsomia candida;

  • Jesse Reimink studied the metamorphism and mineralization of felsic clasts in the Allouez conglomerate from the Keweenaw Peninsula;

  • Sarah Dean used the sedimentology of cores from Goshorn Lake to study the geological history of the dunes at Saugatuck State Park;

  • Michelle Ral studied Jurassic micromammals, ostracods, and forams, and created digital models of dinosaur bones;

  • Allison Rogowski cleaned dinosaur bones and processed screenwashed sediment to help characterize the inhabitants of an ancient environment at a Wyoming dinosaur site.