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Welcome to the Hope College HHMI Program Website!

The Hope HHMI program is following in a long tradition of HHMI supported initiatives at Hope
which have enabled the development of STEM Researchers at Hope College.  The goals of the
new program are to:

  • increase the number of students who move from novice researcher to research leader
    through a cohesive and connected set of programs, and
  • train STEM research leaders who are ready to take on leadership roles in carrying out
    scientific investigations that address the problems of society.


The HHMI program will achieve these goals by creating opportunities for:

  • high school students and teachers to engage in summer STEM inquiry experiences with Hope STEM faculty and students,
  • college students to engage in STEM research starting in their first-year courses and continuing through their college career in both summer and academic year experiences, and
  • Hope STEM faculty to work on cutting edge STEM research initiatives that provide opportunities for students to develop their skills as STEM researchers.
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The Hope HHMI Program is made possible through the generous support of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

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