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Learning is best done by doing. Hope students are able to do STEM through opportunities in faculty research laboratories as-well-as in course-based research experiences. The 2012 Hope HHMI program supports research efforts of faculty and students through awards to support faculty research programs, awards to support the development of new course-based research experiences and the HHMI research scholars program.


Faculty Research Awards for 2015:

Name(s) Department Research Title
Dr. Charles Cusack and Dr. Airat Bekmetjev Computer Science and Mathematics Exploration of Graham’s Conjecture in Graph Pebbling
Dr. Jianhua Li, Dr. K. Greg Murray, and Dr. Kenneth Brown Biology and Chemistry An Interdisciplinary Study of Bocconia and Macleaya (Poppy Relatives): Systematic Relationships, Invasive History, and Chemical Profiles
Dr. Courtney Peckens Engineering Development of wireless sensor node for structural monitoring and damage detection in civil infrastructure
Dr. Katherine Polasek Engineering Mathematical Models to Predict Nerve Activation to Develop a Treatment for Phantom Limb Pain

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HHMI Research Scholars for 2015:

Name(s) Department Research Mentor
Morgan Cinader Biology Dr. Joseph Stukey
Nicole Ladd Chemistry Dr. Brent Krueger
Elizabeth Sumner Computer Science Dr. Michael Jipping
Cole Watson Computer Science and Mathematics Drs. Charles Cusack and Airat Bekmetjev
Ireana Cook Engineering Dr. Courtney Peckens
Jeff Russcher Engineering Dr. Courtney Peckens
Jessica Gaines Engineering Dr. Katherine Polasek
Brooke Dragoo Engineering Dr. Katherine Polasek
Benjamin Johnson Geological and Environmental Science Ms. Suzanne DeVries-Zimmerman
Sarah Hilsman Mathematics Dr. Stephanie Edwards
Kathryn Lee Nursing Dr. Michael Pikaart
Benjamin Peecher Physics Dr. Jennifer Hamptong
Natasha Bernal Psychology Drs. Carrie Bredow and Lindsay Root Luna

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Course-based Research Experience Development Awards for 2015:

Name(s) Department Course
Dr. Benjamin Kopek Biology
Virology Lab
Dr. Ryan McFall, Dr. Aaron Best, Dr. Barry Bandstra, Dr. Brent Kreuger and Mr. Alez Galarza Computer Science, Biology, Religion, Chemistry, Van Wylen Library Programming Foundations with Application Modules
Ms. Suzanne J. DeVries-Zimmerman, Dr. Brian Bodenbender and Dr. Edward Hansen Geological and Environmental Science Multi-proxy Investigation of Paleoenvironmental Change in Coastal Dune Complexes
Dr. Renata van der Weijden, Dr. Graham Peaslee and Dr. Jonathan Peterson Geological and Environmental Science GES 220 Research Module


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