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Learning is best done by doing. Hope students are able to do STEM through opportunities in faculty research laboratories as-well-as in course-based research experiences. The 2012 Hope HHMI program supports research efforts of faculty and students through awards to support faculty research programs, awards to support the development of new course-based research experiences and the HHMI research scholars program.


Faculty Research Awards for 2014:

Name(s) Department Research Title
Dr. Joseph Stukey and Dr. Virginia McDonough
Biology Discovery and Functional Investigation of Cytotoxic Phage Genes, a Faculty-Student Collaborative Project
Dr. Emilie Dykstra Goris Nursing Oxytocin Receptor Gene as a Candidate Gene Apathy Among Persons with Alzheimer Disease
Dr. Mathew Smith Engineering Thermally Reversible Polymers for Patterning Self-Oscillating Gels
Dr. Edward Hansen Geological and Environmental Science International Research Experience for Hope Students: Geologic Mapping in Holland Province, Sweden
Drs. Brian Yurk and Greg Murray Mathematics and Biology Modeling Rainforest Pioneer Populations in Treefall Gaps of the Monteverde, Costa Rica Cloud Forest

Faculty Research Awards for 2013:

Name(s) Department Research Title
Dr. Kenneth Brown and Dr. Elizabeth Sanford
Chemistry The Development of an Electrochemical Array for Sensing Technology
Dr. Michael Jipping Computer Science Augmented Reality Using Structural Identificaiton on Mobile Phones.
Dr. Jianhua Li, Kenneth Brown and Airat Bekmetjiv Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics Exploring the Association of Rapid Diversification of Maple Lineages and the Diversity of Protective Pigments.

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HHMI Research Scholars for 2013:

Name(s) Department Research Mentor
Ariel Vincent Mathematics Dr. Brian Yurk
Eric Traynor Physics Dr. Paul DeYoung
Caitlin Kozack Chemistry Dr. Elizabeth Sanford
Lauren Janness Psychology Dr. Gwenda Schmidt-Snoek
Minchul Kim Engineering Dr. Matthew Smith
Taylor Brushwyler Computer Science Dr. Michael Jipping
Nathan VanArendonk Geological and Environmental Sciences Dr. Ed Hansen
Parker Bussies Biology Dr. Jianhua Li

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Course-based Research Experience Development Awards for 2013:

Name(s) Department Course
Dr. Virginia McDonough and Dr. Greg Fraley
General Biology
Dr. Katharine Polasek and Susan Brown Engineering Introduction to Engineering
Dr. Brian Yurk and Dr. Airat Bekmetjev Mathematics First Year Seminar and Statistics
Dr. Lorna Jarvis and Dr. Mary Inman Psychology Introduction to Psychology

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