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Colloquium Series

The History Department, in conjunction with Phi Alpha Theta, the History honorary society, offers a series of three colloquia each semester. The speakers are members of Hope's History department, or guests from other institutions, or students who have produced particularly fine pieces of research. The purpose of the colloquia is to show students in our courses and other members of the Hope community that the study of history is more than what goes on in the classroom. There is a lively process of research and exchange of ideas that makes history the vibrant discipline it is.

The department has established the following policy: All students enrolled in history courses numbered higher than 201 are required to attend at least two colloquia during the semester.

Fall 2014 Schedule

Thursday, September 4

7:00 pm: Fried-Hemenway Auditorium, Martha Miller Center

History Department Faculty

“Nineteen Fourteen: Entering an Age of Crisis” Global Perspectives on World War I—A History Department Panel

Monday, October 13

4:00 pm: Fried-Hemenway Auditorium

Michael Douma, James Madison University

"Abraham Lincoln and the Negotiations to Colonize African Americans in Dutch Suriname"

Co-sponsored with Van Raalte Institute


Monday, October 20

4:00 pm: Herrick Room, DeWitt

Margaret Abruzzo, University of Alabama

“Sin, Seduction, and the Victims of Vice in 18th and 19th Century Anglo-American Literature”

Co-sponsored with English, Religion and Women's and Gender Studies


Tuesday, November 4

4:00 pm: Herrick Room, DeWitt

David Komline, Notre Dame University

“The Common School Awakening in America, 1800-1848”

Co-sponsored with Education Department




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