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Gloria Tseng
Associate Professor
of History (2003)

Lubbers Hall 328
126 East 10th Street
Holland, MI 49423

B.A., Pitzer College
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Professor Gloria Tseng came to Hope in 2003 from the University of Oregon Honors College. She completed her bachelor's degree at Pitzer College in Claremont, California, and received her Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. She has also taught at California Polytechnic State University. Her dissertation was about the Chinese community in France between the First and Second World Wars, and her current research interest is Christianity in twentieth-century China. She teaches IDS 171 and a series of upper-level history courses, including Modern China, Twentieth-century Europe, and World War II: Collaboration and Resistance, which deals with the experience of people who lived in Europe under German occupation or East Asia under Japanese occupation. In addition, her current research has led to the development of a new course called Christianity in China: Negotiating Faith and Culture, which deals with the cultural issues that arose with the introduction of Christianity to China and the challenges faced by Chinese Christians as they embraced a new faith. In her free time, Professor Tseng enjoys swimming, taking walks, and playing the piano.


Courses Taught

HIST 140 History Workshop
HIST 242 Twentieth Century Europe
HIST 270 Modern China
HIST 341 World War Two: Collaboration and Resistance
HIST 371 Paris and Shanghai: A Tale of Two Cities


Current Research

The Search for a Chinese Church: Protestantism in Twentieth-century China

The subject of this study is twentieth-century Chinese Protestants—a group of people whose lives intersected with a series of radical, and oftentimes violent, transformations of their country in the past century, and who now find themselves taking part in a peaceful, but no less radical, transformation of the face of Christianity. It traces the developments that contributed to the indigenization of Christianity in China and seeks to answer the question, What is the Chinese church?

The project is under contract with Bloomsbury, with its anticipated completion in September 2015 and publication in mid 2016.



The Search for a Chinese Church: Protestantism in Twentieth-century China. Book manuscript under contract with Bloomsbury (forthcoming in 2016).

“Revival Preaching and the Indigenization of Christianity in Republican China.” Forthcoming in International Bulletin of Missionary Research (2014).

“Botany or Flowers: The Challenges of Writing the History of the Indigenization of Christianity in China.” International Bulletin of Missionary Research. Vol. 36, No. 1 (Jan. 2012).

“Peter Hessler and His Chinese Fans: A New Generation of Sino-American Relations as Seen through Chinese Cyberspace Discussions of Hessler’s China Trilogy.” Global China Center, under Chinese History & Culture, http://www.globalchinacenter.org/ (Oct. 18, 2011).

“Snapshots of Protestant Churches in China.” The Church Herald, March 2008.




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