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Library Science

Do you enjoy the detective work of history—ferreting out sources and finding just the right book or article for a project? Does the idea of working with old letters, photographs, documents and other archival sources excite you? Would you have fun helping one person research English authors of the 19th century and then turn around and help someone else find scholarly articles on cell genetics? Do you have a knack for organizing information? If you find these kinds of things compelling, you may want to consider a career in Library Science and Information Technology. This is a diverse and growing field with many specialized avenues to follow. Students who get a MLS (Masters of Library Science) or MIS (Masters of Information Science) work in school and public libraries, academic and law libraries, archives and museums, as well as businesses and law firms.

Reference and Instruction Librarian Jessica Hronchek decided to become a librarian after a summer internship at the Newberry Library (http://www.newberry.org/) in Chicago. “I loved the interesting materials and fascinating research that I saw there and knew that I wanted to stay in that kind of environment. My work at Van Wylen always presents me with new challenges, and I like that my job allows me to teach and interact with people on a daily basis.”

If you would like to learn more about librarianship as a career, you are welcome to contact Jessica (hronchek@hope.edu)or any other librarian at the Van Wylen Library.

For general information on librarianship and job possibilities, see the following websites:

For examples of schools with specific dual degree programs in history and library science, see the following websites:



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