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Majors: Past, Present and Future


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Jobs and Careers

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Jobs and Careers

Hope history majors in past years have gone on to graduate schools and into careers as professional historians both as writers and teachers. Many have gone into law and the government, public policy and political arenas. Some have entered the ministry, while many work in the world of business. For the interesting careers of recent graduates of the department see Majors: Past, Present and Future.

If you are considering a major in history and wondering about vocation, take a look at more information about:

> Graduate School
> Law School
> Library Science
> Public History
> Writing Personal Statements

Another good place to begin is the American Historical Association's Careers for History Majors, which lists the following options:

Historians as Educators
Elementary Schools
Secondary Schools
Postsecondary Education
Historic Sites and Museums

Historians as Researchers
Museums and Historical Organizations
Cultural Resources Management and Historic Preservation
Think Tanks

Historians As Communicators
Writers and Editors
Documentary Editors
Producers of Multimedia Material
Historians As Information Managers
Records Managers
Information Managers

Historians As Advocates
Lawyers and Paralegals
Litigation Support
Legislative Staff Work

Historians in Businesses and Associations
Historians in Corporations
Contract Historians
Historians and Nonprofit Associations



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