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Majors: Past, Present and Future


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Reasons to study
History at
Hope College

Develop an appreciation and an understanding of the rich diversity of human cultures and the ways they have changed over time.

Learn essential skills of critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and effective writing--all applicable in a variety of professions.

Become a well-informed participant in the global society and economy of the twenty-first century.

Learn about the world of the past to understand the world of the present, and to help shape the world of the future.

Follow your heart--if you love history, this is the major for you.



From students

"History courses at Hope challenged me to write with precision and analyze contemporary issues from varying perspectives. I credit the department's talented faculty for helping me grow both intellectually and personally. After completing my history major I am prepared, and eager, to face whatever challenges the world has to offer."
George Klupchak ‘08
High School Teacher, Chicago Bulls Prep, Chicago, IL

"As a history major I developed my critical thinking skills, learned to articulate my thoughts intelligently and tactfully, discovered how to hold several contrasting ideas in tension, and entered into conversation with historians from the earliest centuries to the present day, including my peers in the classroom."
Samantha Miller ’08
Ph. D. Candidate, Marquette University

"If I had to do it all over again, I'd still choose to be a History major. History is always fascinating because there are too many civilizations and cultures to know them all. Reading about our human ancestors, I learned how important research, methodology, and writing are….but most of all, I learned how to think; and some of the best, most tenacious teachers that I've come across work at Hope College."
Erica Puntel ‘00
Senior Analyst, CNN



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