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How to Find an Internship


1. Make an Initial Appointment
Make an initial appointment with a staff member in the Career Development Center by calling x7950. In this first internship meeting students will be able to:

  • Learn about options for an internship experience including the internship course and the internship application process for the appropriate department
  • Discuss how to prepare for a conversation with the appropriate internship faculty contact
  • Discuss ideal time frame, location, and type of internship
  • Draft or revise a resume and other application materials
  • Create an internship search strategy and timeline

In some departments, the faculty member coordinating internships is also happy to help students with the internship search process.

2. Research Opportunities

While securing an internship is the student’s responsibility, staff members in the Career Development Center and the faculty internship contact in each department are here to help students throughout the process. Research internship opportunities through the Hope College internship listings on Job Stop.

3. Apply

Most internship applications involve submitting a resume and cover letter or letter of inquiry as a first step, and at least one interview as a later step. Some also may involve submitting application forms/essay questions, portfolio demonstrations, or writing samples. Approved off campus semester programs require two applications, one for Hope and one for the program of interest.

4. Follow-up

Once you have secured an internship, follow up with the appropriate faculty internship contact, Career Development, and any networking contacts that may have helped with the application process.