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International Studies Major

Welcome to International Studies!


Dr. Annie DandavatiThe Composite Major in International Studies is designed for the student intending to enter a profession in which an international focus will be particularly valuable. This major prepares you for a life of service and success in a global society. It can serve as preparation for careers in fields such as business, economics, government and non-government organizations (NGOs), law, history, sociology and the arts.

In addition to the normal sequence of courses taken to satisfy the general education requirements of Hope College, the International Studies major consists of 36 credit hours, the successful study of a modern foreign language through the second year and participation in a semester- or year-long international off-campus study program.

For additional information regarding a career utilizing the skills and knowledge gained through an international studies major, please visit: What Can I Do with a Major In International Studies.

Take some time to explore the International Studies website and see what is available. If you have additional questions and would like to declare a major, please contact Dr. Annie Dandavati (Director of International Studies) at intlstudies@hope.edu to set up an appointment.