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International Studies Courses

The Composite Major in International Studies consists of a total of 36 credit hours and is met by 24 major core credits, and 8 elective credits.

These are the four (16 credits) required courses that each student must take.

1. POL 151 Introduction to Global Politics OR POL 251 International Relations

2. SOC 151 Cultural Anthropology OR REL 280 Introduction to World Religion

3. ECON 211 Principles of Macroeconomics

4. HIST 355 History of U.S. Foreign Policy OR POL 378 American Foreign Policy

5. Capstone INTS 400

One course from the following Africa, Asia and Latin American courses:

HIST 221 Colonial & Post-Colonial Africa: African Perspectives on Colonialism

HIST 225 West African Economy and Society, 18th- 20th Centuries: Commerce, Colonialism and Christianity

PHIL 241 Philosophies of India and Tibet

PHIL 242 Philosophies of China and Japan

HIST 260 History of Latin America

POL 262 Latin American Politics

HIST 263 Colonial Latin American History

HIST 270 Modern China

HIST 280 Colonizers and Colonized: Perspectives on Modern Imperialism

POL 303 Asian Politics

POL 305 African Politics

HIST 312 Myth and Culture in Pre-Colonial Africa

HIST 321 The Making of Modern Africa

HIST 365 Gender and Power in Latin American History

HIST 370 Modern Middle East

One course from the following:

POL 160 Global Feminisms

POL 201 Political Geography

HIST 242 Twentieth Century Europe

POL 251 International Relations

ECON 318 International Economics

HIST 344 Genocide in the Modern World

POL 351 International Law, Organization, and Systems

POL 352 Global Political Economy

COMM 371 Communicating Across Differences: Intercultural and Gender Communication


8 credit hours of course work numbered 300 or higher in international or globally related courses selected in consultation with your advisor. These courses may be taken on or off-campus and usually will be in the following disciplines: art history, economics, history, modern languages (culture and/or literature courses), philosophy, political science, religion and sociology. It is strongly recommended that three of these courses be region specific to Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America or the Middle East.

Internship course number, INTS 399


A modern language successfully completed through the second year level (4th semester) or demonstrated equivalency.


A year or semester study abroad program. To explore your options, visit Off-Campus Study. In consultation with an IS Academic Advisor students are able to earn directed elective credits for equivalent courses taken off campus.