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If you are interested in an internship for International Studies, please contact your International Studies Academic Advisor and also solicit assistance from Jena Szatkowski , Assistant Director, in the Career Development Center of Hope College http://hope.edu/student/career/. For additional information about internships related to International Studies, you can refer to/use the information found here: http://www.hope.edu/academic/intern/Info.htm.

Please visit http://careers.state.gov/intern/student-internships for more information about the U.S. Department of State Fall 2016 Student Internship Program (unpaid), and to start the online application process via USAJobs. Please note that the deadline to submit completed applications is March 1, 2016. 

Visit USAJOBS.gov to view the announcement: U.S. Department of State Fall 2016 Student Internship Program (unpaid).

New Process for registering for an Academic Internship for International Studies

Recap of the New Process. There are two forms that involve faculty signatures -- a pending form and a registration form.

Permission to Register For an Academic Internship (Pending Form)
This form should be used if the student intends to earn academic credit for their internship but has not secured an employer host. By submitting this form, student status and financial aid will not be affected while securing an internship.

Academic Internship Registration Form
This form should be used if/when the student has secured an internship. This form allows the college to document employer information.

If a student has secured an employer host at the time of registration they only need to fill out the Academic Registration Form.

If a student filled out the Permission to Register Form they will need to fill out the Academic Internship Registration Form once they have secured an internship. (You will be sent an e-mail from Career Development before the drop/add deadline to remind you that you need to drop their pending placement course and add the correct internship course using the Academic Internship Registration Form.)

In summary, students who do not have an internship secured at the time of registration will end up submitting two forms with the professor’s signature. Students who have an internship secured at the time of registration, only submit one form with the professor’s signature.

Location of forms - the internship registration process and forms can be accessed quickly on the Career Development's main page in our quick links section at http://hope.edu/student/career/.


VE Global: No Fee Volunteer Program in Chile for students

VE Global is a volunteer program that helps foster the growth of children at social risk in Santiago, Chile by implementing literacy, arts, health, and English programs. Laura Meeker, an alum of your school, is a former VE Global volunteer and it would be great to have more volunteers like her!

Jennifer Ly <info@ve-global.org>
Mmember of VE Global, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing free volunteer and internship abroad opportunities in Santiago, Chile.

VE flier

outreach materials via Dropbox here

on our VE Global website here

Your Skills are Needed! 2015 International Volunteer & Internship Opportunities:

Teach Math, Science or English to former child soldiers & sex slaves;
...Learn project management & capacity building in post-conflict Africa;
......help women have a voice & change how women are represented in media;
...........or teach conflict prevention...or appropriate technology....or help small enterprises flourish.

1. MICRO-FINANCE: Costa Rica, Cameroon, Mongolia, Oceania
2. SMALL ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT: Rwanda, Cameroon, Tanzania, Malta, Peru, India
3. DEMOCRACY BUILDING & HUMAN RIGHTS: Kenya, Malta, Morocco, Mongolia, Indonesia
4. ENVIRONMENTAL & APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY: Ghana, Tanzania, Indonesia, Belize, Bolivia
5. JOURNALISM: Uganda, Sri Lanka, Thai-Burma
6. SOCIAL WORK/ PSYCHOLOGY: Gulu, Tanzania, Cameroon, Sri Lanka, Malta, Peru, Honduras, Costa Rica
6. COMMUNITY or RURAL DEVELOPMENT: Peru; Gulu; Cameroon, Indonesia, India
7. HEALTH: Sacred Valley, Caribbean, Uganda, Cameroon, Peru, India, Malta, Tanzania
8. REFUGEES: Thai- Burma, Malta, Congolese
9. WOMEN: Cameroon, Uganda, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Bolivia, Congolese
10: KIDS & YOUTH: Ghana, Kenya, Nepal, Honduras, Peru, Rwanda, Morocco, India, Thai-Burma


These are volunteer opportunities. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Interested? Please read NGOabroad website: http://www.ngoabroad.com/
then send answered Questionnaire and resume to:
info@NGOabroad.com so we can discuss which opportunities fit best for you.

NGOabroad is a unique service that helps you enter or advance in international humanitarian work and provides frugal, customized international volunteer opportunities.