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Student Advising

Are you interested in International Studies? If you are and have questions, please see one the International Studies Academic Advisors listed below.

Maria Claudia Andre andre@hope.edu
Janis Gibbs gibbs@hope.edu
Anne Larsen alarsen@hope.edu
Amy Otis-DeGrau otis@hope.edu
David Phillips phillipsd@hope.edu
Joel Toppen toppen@hope.edu

The International Studies Academic Advisors are best qualified to answer and assist you with any questions you have related to your program of study, the International Studies major, Study Abroad, transfer of "elective" credits for your International Studies major, waiver or substitution of courses, and internship opportunities related to International Studies. The International Studies advisors are also your best resource for questions related to letters of recommendation, graduate schools, and various career opportunities.



Major declaration: If you are interested in declaring a major in International Studies, please click on this link http://www.hope.edu/admin/registrar/FormsPDF/major_dec_form.pdf, and print the form. Then make an appointment with Dr. Annie Dandavati (Director of International Studies) at intlstudies@hope.edu.

Waivers / Substitutions: If you would like to waive a particular class for International Studies or you would like to substitute one course for another in the International Studies major, please click on this link http://www.hope.edu/admin/registrar/FormsPDF/mjr-min-sub.pdf, and print the form. Discuss this with your International Studies Academic Advisor, complete the form, have your International Studies Advisor sign it and drop it off at Lubbers 226. Dr. Dandavati, the International Studies Director, will sign it. You will receive notification when it is ready for you to pick it up in Lubbers 226. You can then take it to the Registrar's Office to be processed.

Transfer of elective credits from your Study Abroad program: Prior to studying abroad, choose the courses you wish to transfer and meet with your advisor. After you have completed your Study Abroad program and are ready to transfer the credits for the International Studies major (elective credits), please click on the following link http://www.hope.edu/admin/registrar/FormsPDF/OC_Course%20Approval.pdf, and print the form. Consult with your International Studies Academic Advisor. Fill out the form, have your advisor sign it and then drop it off in Lubbers 226. Dr. Dandavati, the International Studies Director, will sign it. You will be sent an email to notify you to pick up the form in Lubbers 226. The form then needs to be taken to the Registrar's Office for processing.