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Athletic Training Services


The sports medicine program at Hope College exists to provide students with an opportunity to participate in intercollegiate athletics in the safest and healthiest manner possible. Our first goal is to help prevent athletic injuries from occurring. Recognizing that some injuries are inevitable, our professional staff is available to render first aid, provide follow-up treatment and rehabilitation, and counsel students and their parents on available treatment options. Our goal is to provide the medical resources necessary to allow our students to return to the field of play as soon as is medically safe.


Dr. Patrick Hulst, MD is the medical director and team physician for the sports medicine program. He is a family practitioner with several years of sports medicine experience.

Kirk Brumels, PhD, ATC, Meg Frens, ATC, Tonia Gruppen, ATC Katharine Rose, ATC and Tim Koberna, ATC are certified athletic trainers. Between them they have over 75 years of experience in helping athletes prevent, manage, and rehabilitate from their injuries. They provide sports health care for injured athletes and are responsible for the daily operation of the sports medicine program.

Athletic training students assist the professional staff, both in the college's athletic training facilities and by providing supervised coverage at practices and games. These clinical experiences help them meet the requirements for Hope's major in athletic training and the national certification they will earn upon graduation.


The college Health Clinic, located in the Dow Center, is staffed by nurses and nurse practitioners. In addition, a physician holds weekly clinics in the Health Clinic. The Health Clinic can also arrange for on-campus nutritional counseling. The Counseling Center provides confidential counseling services and referral for mental, emotional, and spiritual concerns. Holland Community Hospital is a modern, well-equipped facility five minutes from campus. Most medical specialties can be found in Holland. A fine orthopedic group has served our athletes for over 30 years. Services not available in Holland can be obtained in Grand Rapids, 25 minutes away.

Kirk Brumels, PhD, ATC
(O) 616-395-7356

Meg Frens, MS, AT, ATC
(O) 616-395-7450

Tim Koberna, MA, AT, ATC
(O) 616-395-7705

Tonia Gruppen, MS, AT, ATC
(O) 616-395-7707

Katharine Rose, EdM, AT, ATC
(O) 616-395-7707

Patrick Hulst, MD
(O) 616-396-8426

DeVos Center Athletic Training Room

Dow Center Athletic Training Room

Lugers Fieldhouse Athletic Training Room


All injuries should be reported to one of the certified athletic trainers as soon as they happen. If you can't report the injury immediately, be sure to see one of the certified athletic trainers early the next day at the latest. One of them will evaluate the injury and refer you to Dr. Hulst if necessary. A treatment plan will be developed requiring your presence in the athletic training room twice daily. Be sure to keep your appointments in the athletic training room! Call if you can't make it and need to reschedule.

Click here for a listing of the local hospitals and medical providers.


All student-athletes must be examined and obtain a pre-participation physical by Dr. Hulst or one of his colleagues at least once during their four years at Hope College. Some sport participants will receive complete yearly physicals whereas others will receive a complete physical prior to their first season of competition and then complete physical updates each year after that. Physical exams are provided at no cost to the student, although your "Hope Health" account will be charged. Students who miss their appointments, however, will be charged a $20 late fee.


Hope College carries secondary policy insurance to help defray the cost of athletic accidents. It is provided at no cost and covers only those expenses not paid for by the student's personal or primary insurance. Only new "accidents" that occur during official practices or games are covered. Illnesses, pre-existing conditions, or non-accidents like stress fractures or tendonitis are not covered.

Students have the right to choose any medical provider, but Hope College will only accept financial responsibility for services up to the limits of its insurance coverage that have been pre-approved by the medical director.


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