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Major and Minor Requirements

Chinese Minor:

The Chinese minor at Hope consists of a minimum of 20 credits taken at the college level and approved by the chairperson of the Asian Studies program. Of these, 16 credits must be language courses numbered 200 or higher; the additional 4 credits may be completed with Chinese 490 (Special Problems in Chinese) or by selecting one class from the listing below:

  • Philosophy 241 (Philosophies of China and Tibet)
  • History 270 (Modern China)
  • History 371 (Paris and Shanghai)
  • Pol. Sci 303 (Asian Politics)
Students are strongly encouraged to complete the 300-400 level courses abroad. Moreover, students seeking to complete the minor requirements abroad must select their courses in consultation iwth the Chinese faculty and the approval of the department chairperson.
Note: The courses in the minor will fulfill the 4 credits of the General Education language requirement.
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Minor in Asian Studies:

  • Chinese I or Chinese II (4 credits)
  • Four credit Chinese language fulfills the student's general education requirements

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