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Internship Opporunities!

Here are just some of the internships our students and recent graduates have participated in.

For internships in West Michigan and globally, contact Jena Szatkowski, Assistant Director of the Career Development Center at Hope (Office: Anderson-Werkman building, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - noon; 1:00 - 5:00 pm)

U.S. Department of State

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Diplomat in Residence North Central

Summer Internships in Washington D.C. at The Stimson Center for Global Security

Contact Hope Grad:
Lacie Rawlings '11
Deputy Director of Administration
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Lutheran Social Services of Michigan- Refugee Resettlement

Contact person:
Chris Cavanaugh
Lutheran Social Services of Michigan
207 E. Fulton St. 4th Floor
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 356-1934

Description of internship:
Lutheran Social Services of Michigan offers a variety of services to people in need in the West Michigan area. One arm of LSS is the refugee resettlement service which helps newly arrived refugees by providing housing, medical assistance, food assistance, assistance with applying for necessary federal documents, and employment services in the first six months following their arrival. The intern will learn about resettlement and acculturation in the United States by helping furnish housing, assisting in welcoming refugees, and conducting home visits. The intern will be asked to transport clients to appointments around the Grand Rapids area and may also be asked to assist in an ESL classroom at Grand Rapids International Fellowship. A valid driver’s license with good driving records and a car is required for this placement. Students applying for this internship must be interested in working with diverse populations and must be able to demonstrate cultural awareness and sensitivity when working with clients.

Testimonial of Lauren Wade ’14, Majors: Global French Studies and Psychology:
“While interning for Lutheran Social Services of Michigan in the Refugee Resettlement Division, I had the opportunity to shadow a case worker and experience firsthand what refugee services are. There are many logistical and bureaucratic tasks that must happen even before a client arrives in the states, but once they do arrive, the contact I had with them was always rewarding. From setting up apartments, to picking up clients at the airport, to making home visits just to make sure their needs are taken care of -my experience with LSSM was incredible and really opened my eyes to the refugee population that is in our backyard. I was also able to use my French skills as I met with several clients from the Democratic Republic of Congo! This internship was an incredible opportunity for me to learn and serve as a volunteer intern while using my language skills and also gave me direction as to what I want to do with my future career."

Gordon Food Service at Headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI

Gordon Food Service Home Office
Street Address
1300 Gezon Parkway SW
Wyoming, MI 49509

Testimonial of Susan Haigh '14, Majors: French and International Studies:
“In Jan 2014, I began working part-time for Gordon Food Service at their headquarters in Grand Rapids as a Data Integrity Assistant and am now full-time for the summer of 2014. My job is in the Marketing section of the GFS Canada. The work involves answering requests from vendors and customers from all GFS distribution centers in Canada, including the French-speaking centers of Montreal and Quebec. Having an intern who speaks French allows Gordon Food Service to improve relations with the Montreal and Quebec divisions since speaking in one's native language allows for a fuller, more comprehensive communication. Taking every opportunity to respond and reach out to clients in French shows Gordon Food Service's efforts towards the best possible customer service as well. I enjoy using French in my job as much as I can and have benefited greatly from the professional development of working for a large, international company.”

Nibakure Children's Village in Nyamata, Rwanda

For More Information:

Description of internship:
On Thursday 14 November, 2013, during the International Global Coffee Hour, students Arnaud Muhimpundu (’14) and Anysie Ishimwe (’16) presented on their internship at Nibakure Children’s Village, located in Nyamata, Rwanda, some thirty minutes southeast of the capital Kigali in Rwanda. The orphanage houses currently nineteen orphans living onsite and another eight supported by the surrounding community. Interning students live in the village and have the opportunity to:

  • Work on projects in the village
  • Tutor the children after school
  • Do ministry work with the children
  • Use French and English as their main languages

The student may opt for this 4-credit May-June internship at the Nibakure Children’s Village in Rwanda which may replace one 300-level French course and be counted for the major and the minor.

Testimonial of Aurelie McCarus '16, Interested In: Nursing and French:
“I am interested in studying abroad. I was thinking about going to Paris or Nice, France. Then I read about an opportunity to go to Rwanda. I decided to go to the presentation by Arnaud Muhimpundu (’14) and Anysie Ishimwe (’16). They talked about their May term trip to Rwanda and how life changing it was. Hearing the stories and seeing the pictures of the smiling children and moms made me smile. I would like to go there and connect with them and be part of their lives. This made me think of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, where I lived from birth to age six. Going on this trip would allow me to form relationships with people who are different from me, help others in need, and teach them new skills. They will also teach me a lot. The Rwanda May Term would be a privilege for me.”