Dear Future Resident of the French House,

It is an honor to live at the French House. Eligibility is determined by the French Department faculty and only students with a strong interest in and engagement with French are accepted for residence*. Therefore, Hope’s French faculty expect that you will join them in creating this “theme” house which has a strong French identity.

Indeed, we hope that you will try your best to do the following:

-to speak French at all times! It is in this way that you will enlarge your vocabulary and develop your ability to function in everyday situations and feel comfortable in using your verbal skills to develop your social and personal relationships.

-to attend, along with the native assistant and the RA, the activities that you will plan together as a house for yourselves (ie. breakfasts or dinners together, outings and the like) and for the students who are studying French. These activities will help you grow intellectually and personally.

-to foster and create a sense of community which is based on friendliness and the readiness to spend time together.

-participate in those activities that promote the well-being of the house (ie. cleaning duties, keeping the house in good shape for activities).

We, the faculty pledge to be involved in the activities that you plan. We are interested in encouraging you to make the house a dynamic and friendly place in which to live and to speak French.


Isabelle Chapuis-Alvarez
Brigitte Hamon-Porter
Anne R. Larsen

Please sign below to show your agreement and commitment to fulfilling the mission of the French House to the best of your ability and return to Professor Chapuis-Alvarez:



*From time to time, we will welcome a student applicant to room for one term with their current roommate who may not be a student of French. We expect, however, the latter student to show an interest in the language and the culture. Students in the house should speak French at all times, allowing for the Anglophone student to learn words and expressions as often as possible.