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The Hope faculty nominates candidates in recognition of their outstanding scholarship (GPA in French of 3.5 and higher) in French language, literature, and culture; their noteworthy interest in the French and Francophone worlds, as well as their dedicated attitude and participation in class discussion. Each candidacy is reviewed during a plenary session with all members of the French faculty and must receive joint approval.

2004 Inductees
Denisa V. Alexandrescu
Lindsay M. Howes
Daniela Banu
Anne C. Stevens
Scott F. Dalessandro
Emily A. Wagg
Anna K. Helvie
Rebecca S. Creagh Waurio
2005 Inductees
Anne V. Bast
Octavia M. Reese
Sarah E. Gardner
Kelley K. Hutchins
Bethany J. Martynowicz
Kyle W. Williams
2006 Inductees
Stélios C. Alvarez
Heather A. Janofski
Laura M. Arpke
Kathleen E. Ludewig
Courtney A. Clum
Renée A. Mantua
Holly A. Dustin
Sarah M. Quesada-Lubbers
Elise M. Edwards
Sarah A. Reese
Lauren N. Eriks
Kyle A. Smith
Cayla B. Henn
2007 Inductees
Elizabeth A. Brichacek
Kathryn M. Coulter
Elizabeth C. Coen
Margaret P. Fylstra
2008 Inductees
Jennifer C. Birkenholz
Claire A. March
Brianne L. Carpenter
Lauren D. March
Joshua M. Cummings
Jenna L. Mulder
Ashlea C. Guernsey
Erika M. Oglesby
Alexa K. Jansma
Christine A. Pattison
Karie E. Luidens
2009 Inductees
George P. Khoury
Rachel L. Rees
Allison G. Hawkins
Sarah Williams
Caitlin M. Schrock
2010 Inductees
Ian W. Amin

Amy K. Rollefson

Natalie R. DeGeorge

Corinne A. Schild

Christine A. Hostetler

Katelyn M. Sherman

Amy. E. Kamps

Amy L. Speelman

Zachary Nielsen

Laura K. Stritzke

2011 Inductees
Christa E Bonin

Julia S Peterson

Lauren C Clack

Jamie M Poppema

Abraham M De La Rosa

Jeff T Vredenburg

Katlyn M Martin

Ion T. Agheana
Cécile Boureau
Jeremy Billetdeaux
Sandrine Carrouer
Monica Castillo
Fiona Eraud
Isabelle Chapuis-Alvarez
Claire Fouilleul
Vicki DeVries
Julie Kasper
Pamela Edmunds
Delphine Lebel
Brigitte Hamon-Porter
Aude Mauviel
Anne R. Larsen
Sarah Mécheneau
Julie Ouvrard
Isabelle Chapuis-Alvarez