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French Resources on the Web

News and Information :

-Informations audio-visuelles
-Journaux Nationaux
-Chaînes de télévision française
-Journaux Régionaux
-Ressources supplémentaires

Informations audio-visuelles:

Journal TV5
Journal TF1
Journal France 2
Journal France 3
Journal LCI

Journaux Nationaux:


Chaînes de télévision française:


Chaîne privée française
-Informations Nationales
-Séries TV

Chaîne d’État
-Informations Nationales
-Séries TV
Chaîne d’État
-Informations Régionales
Chaîne privée française
-Informations Nationales
-Séries TV
Chaîne d’État
-Informations Germano-Françaises
Chaîne privée française
-Clips musique

Journaux Régionaux :


Ressources supplémentaires:


Agence France-Presse

In English, the AFP's website
Amnesty International's French website
Both French and English version available
International political and economic news journal
In English, source for French news

Research and Reference Links:

ARTFL - University of Chicago organization, a wonderful philological website
Dicccionaire.com - French definitions, grammar, synonyms, and more
Yourdictionary.com - Another online dictionary
Diccionarios.com - A website with French-Spanish dictionary, Catalan, and more!
- International Organization of Francophonie
Africana Resources - Brown University - A bilingual search from Brown University
French Real Estate Listings - Find your dream chateau in France
French Culture and Communication site - In French, English, and other languages
Meteo.fr - French weather
The Middle Ages - By the University of Tenn. for literature in the Middles Ages
Sénat.fr - France's Senate website
SIEFAR - Société Internationale pour l'Etude des Femmes de l'Ancien Régime
17th Century Literature -A site presented by Roger Duchêne.
Vokabel.com - Vocabulary excercises in French, German, and Spanish
Prepositions and more - Comprehensive list of French parts of speech with English equivalent
Gender of Words - Learn to distinguish the gender of French vocabulary
XE.com - Online currency conversion site

Search Engines in French:

Yahoo! - French version of the popular search-engine
Google - French version of the popular search-engine

Study Abroad:

Council - One of the official Hope College study abroad programs
Travel Tips - Includes information about voltage conversion, packing, and travel tips
International Education of Students - One of the official Hope College study abroad programs
Hope College - Hope College's study abroad page
Hostelseurope.com - Learn about hosteling and travel in Europe
Hostels - Don't know much about hostels? Check out the Hostel 101 guide
Paris.org - In French or English
School of International Training - One of the official Hope College study abroad programs
Sta.com - Student travel and airfare - student airfares for study abroad
Study Abroad
- Learn all about studying overseas

Shopping and Books:

FNAC - Find French movies, books, music, and more.
Chapitre.com - Find French books, journals, and magazines.
Amazon.fr - French version of Amazon.com.
Hyper-U - French grocery site where can make your own shopping list, get recipes, play games, and more.
Super-U - One-stop shop for all of your French groceries and merchandise.
Intermarche - Another on-line French grocer.

French Cuisine:

A F Touch 'Cuisine de France' - Browse French recipes, search for restaurants, and find culinary specialties by region!