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Welcome to the Marguerite Prins French House!

Purchased in the summer of 1981, the Marguerite Prins French House is located at 151 East 14th Street (at the corner of 14th Street and Columbia, Opposite the DOW : MAP) and can house up to 6 students.

Living in La Maison Française:

This year, Hope’s French cottage, the Marguerite Prins French house, also known as La Maison Française was home to a renewed sense of pride and excitement for French language and culture. The French assistant, Olympe Meissonnier, brought her extensive knowledge of French culture and taste for marvelous French cuisine to the French Department and her excitement trickled down to the inhabitants of the cottage as well as other students in the department. Each ciné-club was accompanied by a traditional French dessert and reason for it being served. In the first semester, La Maison Francaise hosted a crèpe day and served well over 100 crèpes to students. In the spring, along with the German and Spanish teaching assistants, French students had the opportunity to participate in the “European Challenge”, in which they answered trivia questions about European countries in order to become the “European Star”. Finally, after a year of cooking and enjoying America, Olympe and La Maison Française planned an end of the year celebration filled with friends and laughter and French speaking. La Maison Française was also known for their love of tea and tea parties this year thanks to the new French House tea pot, donated by Lize Loubser and Lauren Wade.

Maintain or Improve Your French With the French House !


Kitchen facilities, living room and dining room…

Excellent location, wonderful French ambiance, dynamic French Assistant!

How to Apply:

Living at the French House

Responsibilities of the French House Native Assistant

Marguerite Prins French House Application

(Applications should be submitted to Prof. Brigitte Hamon-Porter in MMC 223)