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2015 Student Research

  • Alexandria Barbu: "La Paysanne et l'Héroïne: The Life and Mission of Joan of Arc in the Social Context of the Middle Ages"
  • Alexandra DeJongh: "Jean Moulin and the French Resistance during World War II"
  • Dorothy Dickinson: "The Magic of Words: The Role of Griots in West African Film and Society"
  • Maria Gowon: "Aux Yeux de...: A Study of the Perceptions of the Mali Empire"
  • Rachael Kabagabu: "White Women and Black Women in American and African Films"
  • Robert Lampen: "The Role of the French Communist Party during World War II"
  • Biology: Lize Loubser, Shirly Samuel
  • English: Hannah Gingrich, Robert Lampen
  • History: Emily Gaddis, Katelyn Kiner, Miriam Roth, Brandon Verna
  • Mellon Scholars: Dorothy Dickinson, Katelyn Kiner, Robert Lampen, Miriam Roth, Katherine Sauer, Mary Elizabeth Winther
  • Phelps Scholars: Clarisa Chavez, David Kallgren, Kevin Rukundo, Leigh Wynveen

2014 Student Research

  • Human Relations in Marie NDiaye's “Hilda” and “Papa doit manger”
  • “Marianne et le Marabout” by Slimane Benaïssa:  North African Culture Faces French Culture
  • The Independent Woman: Simone de Beauvoir and Feminism
  • Sartre, Beauvoir, and the Resistance: An Authentic or Compromising Commitment to the Cause?
  • The Persecution of the French Huguenots
  • Molière: Le Libertin
  • What Do They Dream About?: The Long-lasting Effects of War and Trauma on Child Soldiers
  • Pondichéry: Le Passé et le Present de la Colonisation Française en Inde (The past and present of French colonization in India)
  • “Incendies » de Wajdi Mouawad : Les conséquences de l’identité familiale et de la connaissance de soi
  • La Compréhension du Rôle de la Polygamie et de la Mutilation Génitale dans les Sociétés Traditionnelles Africaines

Research in 2013

  • Athina Alvarez ('13) presented two of her most recent research projects, the first entitled, "'Le Voile Noir" by Anny Duperey: The Use of Photography as a Legitimate Autobiographical Means and Facilitator of the Mourning Process" in which she analyzed the connection between written commentary and photography in an author's work. The second project was titled, "When Theater Becomes an Art: A Study of Multi-Faceted Nature of Absurd Theater in Eugene Ionesco's Didactic Play "Rhinoceros'", in which she analyzes the play in detail. In her research entitled "Le Marquis de Lafayette: A Life of Immutable Spirit"
  • Hannah Gingrich (`15) explores the life of a man known to many as a part of the American Revolution, but from a French perspective –looking at his actions and personality both in regards to his involvement in America and in France.
  • Charles Patchak (`13) presented research entitled, "Metaphysics and Sabotage: A Thematic Study of Amélie Nothomb's Autobiographies", in which he explored several different themes throughout Nothomb's writings which gave insight to both her life and motivations for her writings. In her research entitled, "Alfred Dreyfus: Traître ou Victime?"
  • Marie Schrampfer (`15) examines the significance of the Dreyfus affair in modern times. Her research showed its repurcussions still exist today in regards to religious freedom as well as the government's authority over this subject.
  • Lauren Wade (`14), in her work entitled "Is the French Language in Quebec in Danger of Extinction?", addresses the issue of the French language in Quebec and its desperate measures to remain an important francophone region. In a presentation titled, "Unveiling Camille Claudel's Identity through Biographical and Autobiographical Sources: "Une Femme," by Anne Delbée and "Correspondance" by Camille Claudel"
  • Natalie Woodberry (`14) explored the life of Camile Claudel, Rodin's mistress, using her own letters as well as Delbée's autobiography to create a more coherent version of Claudel's tragic life and story.

Student Research in 2012

  • Athina Alvarez ('13) - "Exploring Utopia through Graphic Novels in Les Cités Obcures by Schuiten and Peeters"
  • Katelyn Hemmeke ('12) - "Two Controversial Swiss Referendums and Their Consequences"
  • Lauren Miller ('13) - "The struggle of Malian women for the respect of their physical integrity"
  • Gina Veltman ('12) - "The Theater of Aimé Césaire: Une Saison au Congo"
  • Natalie Woodberry ('14) - "Improvements in the Social Conditions of Women in the Maghreb and Possible Future Developments Because of the Arab Spring"

Student Conferences

Four French students presented their research during the 118th Annual Conference of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters, to be held at Alma College on Friday, March 2, 2012. The Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters promotes exchanges among researchers at colleges, universities, government agencies, as well as research and business organizations.

  • Athina Alvarez presented "BD et Utopie Les Cités Obscures de Schuiten et Peeters"
  • Katelyn Hemmeke presented "Deux Votations Suisses Controversées et leurs Conséquences"
  • Lauren Miller presented "La Lutte des Femmes Maliennes pour le Respect de leur Intégrité Physique"
  • Natalie Woodberry presented "La Condition de Vie des Femmes au Maghreb et les Perspectives d'Avenir à l'Issue du Printemps Arabe"
  • Professor Isabelle Chapuis-Alvarez presented "La Montée des Communautarismes est-elle une Menace pour la France et le Reste de l'Europe ?"