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Ian Amin

Teaching Assistant at Lycée Marcel Dassault in Bordeaux, France (October 2012-May 2013)

I first studied French and Business with IES Nantes in the spring of 2009 and absolutely loved my experience in France. After graduating from Hope, I found a great job with the Canadian division of Gordon Food Service where I helped bridge the gap between English and French (Quebecois) speaking colleagues. In order to further improve my French skills, I decided to apply to the Teaching Assistant Program in France and was accepted. I packed my bags and moved to the south of France where I taught in the Bordeaux Académie. Working at Lycée Marcel Dassault, I taught English 12 hours a week from October until May and loved every minute of it. The salary was just enough where I could afford to enjoy a student's life inBordeaux, but also travel through Europe a bit during the eight weeks of vacation that we had during the academic year. I found myself speaking more English than I would have preferred in the beginning, as this was my job, but soon enough, I found plenty of French friends and dove into the local culture.

Bordeaux was the perfect site for my second experience abroad - I especially loved the public transit and the Parisian style architecture found throughout the city. I really enjoy cooking, so living in Bordeaux also gave me the perfect chance to brush up on my knowledge of wine and southern cuisine! While I will be sad to leave, I know that I have made lifelong friendships and I will always have people to visit WHEN (not if) I return to France some day. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to return to France - whether a recent grad or someone just seeking to return to the place they love after being away for too long!