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400 Coups, Les  (4oo Blows, The). 1959, 99 minutes, French with optional English subtitles, black and white, DVD. A film by François Truffaut.

            Fourteen-year-old Antoine Doinel lives in a cramped apartment with his mother and stepfather, neglected by them and unlucky at school. Living an intense imaginative life of his own he gets into trouble and is finally committed to reform school from which he escapes and runs towards the sea, which he has never seen.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1995 .J87 Q3 1999

A Bout de Souffle (Breathless). 1960, 90 minutes, French with English subtitles, black and white. Based on a story by François Truffaut. Directed by Jean-Luc Godard. With Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg.

            A playful car thief accidentally shoots a policeman, then hides in Paris with a hip American girl, trying to hustle enough cash for a getaway.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ2680 .R776 B7413 1997

A Propos de Nice. 1929-1931, 35 minutes, silent film.

            “A propos de Nice” juxtaposes images of vacationers on the beach with impoverished slum dwellers in Nice, France. + “Taris” is a motion study of Jean Taris utilizing underwater cinematography.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1995. 9. E96 A2 1998

A Secret. 2008, 105 minutes.

           On his fifteenth birthday a family friend tells Francois a shattering truth - tying his family's past to the Holocaust - that may enable him to develop his own sense of self. Until then, the secret had lain silent, known only to a few, including his mother Tania, his father Maxime and lifelong family friend Louise.

Accompagnatrice, L’ (The Accompanist).  1992, 111 Minutes, French with English Subtitles, Color. With Richard and Romane Bohringer, Elena Safonova.

            Winter 1942-43, Paris and London, Sophie accompanist to superstar singer lives the high life on her coattails in a love-hate relationship.  Singer's husband makes shady deals.  Sophie is pained and overshadowed by the singer, misses her own chances for happiness.

            CALL NUMBER:  PG3476.B425 A63

Alphaville (une étrange aventure). 1965, 99 minutes, French with optional subtitles, color, DVD. A film by Jean-Luc Godard.

            Secret agent Lemmy Caution travels to another galaxy and finds himself in a computer-run society which is dedicated to technology and outlaws emotion.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1995 .9. S26 A47 1998

Anglaise et le duc, L’ (Lady and the Duke). 2001, 129 minutes, French with optional English subtitles, DVD. Based on “Ma vie sous la revolution” (Journal of my life during the French Revolution) by Grace Elliott. A film by Eric Rohmer.

            Beautiful aristocrat Grace Elliott enjoys her comfortable upper-middle class life and warm friendship with her former lover the Duke of Orleans, until the turbulent French Revolution of the 1790s frighteningly begins. Their friendship unravels as Grace risks her life taking in a fugitive against the Duke’s wishes. Soon, Grace urges the Duke not to make horrifying decision. But ultimately she’s unable to prevent several bloody fates—including the possibility of her own.

            CALL NUMBER: DC146.E57 A3 2002

Argent de Poche, L’ (Small change). 1976, 105 Minutes, French with English subtitles, Color. A film by François Truffaut.

            The setting is Thiers, a town in south France selected by Truffaut because "it was small enough that you keep running into people you know--it had a sense of community."  Within that warmhearted community, Truffaut interweaves vignettes of puppy love, school days, bragging rights, trips to the movie house, loving parents...and one boy's escape from the nightmare of child abuse.  Only Truffaut could take a story of such straightforward simplicity and make it so astonishingly moving an experience.  Small Change is a treasure.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN1997 .A73

Au Revoir Les Enfants.  1987, 104 Minutes, French, Color. Directed by Louis Malle.

            Julien Quentin lives in a boarding school.  His strong character makes him a leader among the children.  A lonely boy, Jean Bonnet, becomes good friends with Julien and they become inseparable until the Gestapo show up in class and call out names looking for Jews.  Jean Bonnet is taken away...

            CALL NUMBER:  PN1997 .A85    

Babar et le Père Noel.  1985, 34 Minutes, French, no subtitiles.

            King Babar takes a journey in search of the legendary Father Christmas.  But lurking along on Babar's trail is Babar's arch-enemy, Rataxes, the Rhinoceros, who wants all of Santa's toys for himself.

            CALL NUMBER:  PZ10.3.B767 B3

Bal, Le. 1982, 113 minutes, color. Based on the stage production created by Jean-Claude Penchenet. Directed by Ettore Scola.

            Le Bal takes place in a hypothetical Parisian dance hall and its plot is communicated entirely through mime, its pop music soundtrack and period ballroom dances.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1995 .9. M86 B6 1984

Bamako . 2007, 117 minutes.

            Melé is a bar singer, her husband Chaka is out of work and the couple is on the verge of breaking up... In the courtyard of the house they share with other families, a trial court has been set up. African civil society spokesmen have taken proceedings against the World Bank and the IMF whom they blame for Africa's woes... Amidst the pleas and the testimonies, life goes on in the courtyard.

Bas-fonds, Les. 92 minutes.

            The story of a group of social outcasts in the 19th century moscow living together in a filthy rooming house, some trying to escape, some attempting to adjust, and others hoping to maintain their illusions.

            CALL NUMBER: PG3463 .N2

Belle de Jour. 1967, 100 minutes, French with English subtitles, color. Directed by Luis Buñuel. With Catherine Deneuve.

            Subtle, erotic film about a wealthy young surgeon’s wife who indulges her masochistic fantasies by working as a part-time prostitute in a Paris brothel.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ2621 .E77 B45 1990z

Belle et la Bête, La (Beauty and the Beast).  1946, 90 minutes, B & W, French with English subtitles. Directed by Jean Cocteau.

            A magnificent work of art as well as a classic cinematic experience. Beauty and the Beast brings to life the enchanting fable of the kindly beast and the self-sacrificing beauty whose love releases the prince in him. Cocteau creates a mood of dream-like delicacy and ethereal charm.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ2605 .O15 J42 1946

Bête Humaine, La. 1938, 75 minutes, black and white, French with English Subtitles. Based on the novel by Emile Zola. With Jean Gabin.

            The scion of the alcoholic Rougon Macquart family, Jacques Lantier is a man who loves a married woman, but whose own problems drive him to kill her.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ2498 .A1 1997

Bienvenue Chez les Chti’s. 2008, 106 minutes.

            Although living a comfortable life in Salon-de-Provence, a charming town in the South of France, Julie has been feeling depressed for a while. To please her, Philippe Abrams, a post office administrator, her husband, tries to obtain a transfer to a seaside town, on the French Riviera, at any cost. The trouble is that he is caught red-handed while trying to scam an inspector. Philippe is immediately banished to the distant unheard of town of Bergues, in the Far North of France. Leaving his child and wife behind, the crucified man leaves for his frightening destination, a dreadfully cold place inhabited by hard-drinking, unemployed rednecks, speaking an incomprehensible dialect called Ch'ti. Philippe soon realizes that all these ideas were nothing but prejudices and that Bergues is not synonymous with hell...

            CALL NUMBER: PN1995.9.F67 B54 2008

Black and White in Color. 1977, 88 minutes, French with English subtitles, color. Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud.

            The idyllic life in a French-African settlement is rudely interrupted in 1915 by news of war in Europe. The French gamely assemble a rag-tag army of native soldiers to try to capture a neighboring German settlement. The result is a classic farce whose comedy is enlivened by the antic clash of African versus European customs.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1997 .B52 1987

Blood of a Poet. 1930, 55 minutes, French with English subtitles, black and white. A film by Jean Cocteau.

            An artist is driven mad by the sight of his own blood and a drawing of a mouth that seems to come to life. The combination sends him off on a series of bizarre adventures that strive to explain how artists become obsessed with their works.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ2605 .O15 B56 1980

Camille Claudel.  1989, 159 Minutes, French with English subtitles, Color. A film by Bruno Nuytten. With Isabelle Adjani and Gérard Depardieu.

            This is the true story of Camille Claudel and Rodin's passionate obsession with art and with each other.  Both an inspiring saga of artistic vision and the haunting story of a doomed romance, it offers a brilliant study of the thin line separating creativity, passion, and madness.  Combining stunning cinematography, powerful performances and a timeless love story, this film is itself a masterpiece.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN1997 .C26

Cet Obscur Objet du Désir  (That Obscur Object of Desire). 1977, 104 minutes, French with English subtitles, DVD. Directed by Luis Buñuel.

            A wealthy older man has an affair with a young maid played by two different actresses in this darkly humorous satire on sexual obsession.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ2623 .O8 C48 2001

Charme Discret de la Bourgeoisie, Le. 1972, 2 videos (101 and 98 minutes), French with optional English subtitles, DVD. Directed by Luis Buñuel.

            An upper-class sextet sits down to dinner but never eats, their attempts continually thwarted by a vaudeville mixture of events both actual and imagined.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1997 .C528 2000

Chateau de Ma Mère, Le (My Mother's Castle).  1990, 97 Minutes, French with English Subtitles. Directed by Yves Robert. Based on the work of Marcel Pagnol.

            Young Marcel dreams of returning to the vacation house in the valley.  So they go Christmas, Easter, and then every weekend.  They find a key that shortens their path to the cottage but a guard makes it difficult...

            CALL NUMBER:  PQ2631.A26 Z54

Chocolat.  1989, 105 Minutes, French with English subtitles, Color. A Film by Claire Denis. With Cécile Ducasse.

            A mesmerizing memoir of life in colonial Africa in the 1950s seen through the unblinking eyes of the young daughter of a French official.  A young woman has returned to Cameroon to trace her past...Soon she is swept back to her childhood.  Stifling isolation and sexual frustration create an undercurrent of tension that threatens to explode as an assortment of Europeans with little past and less future pass through their sun-baked outpost.  Visually breathtaking and emotionally haunting, this stunning directorial debut presents a side of Africa--and of youth--never before captured on film.

            CALL NUMBER:  DT546 .C4

Clockmaker, The. 1973, 100 minutes, French with English subtitles, color. Based on the novel by Georges Simenon.

            In Tavernier’s 1973 filmmaking debut, a tranquil man of Lyons has his life shattered when he learns that his son is wanted for murder. As he struggles to emerge from his self-willed solitude and create real communication with his son, police and media add to his burden.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ2637 .I53 C4613 1998

Colette.  1951, 35 Minutes, French with English subtitles, Black and White. Society for French American Cultural Services and Educational Aid.

            This film about her life, written and directed by Colette herself, was made three years before the death of the famous woman writer.

            CALL NUMBER:  PQ2605.O28 C65

Colonel Chabert, Le. 1992. 111mns.

Gerard Depardieu stars as the returning war hero who is not supposed to return. Now he faces another battle at home to claim what is rightfully his. Features Fanny Ardant.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ 2163.C7

Comte de Monte Cristo, Le (Count of Monte Cristo, The). 1998, 4 videocassettes (480 minutes), color, French with English subtitles. TV adaptation of the work of Alexandre Dumas. With Gérard Depardieu.

            Tells the dramatic story of Edmond Dantes, a young French sailor who is falsely denounced as a political traitor and injustly imprisoned for 18 years without trial. After a daring escape, Dantes flees to the island of Monte Cristo, where he finds a colossal treasure bequeathed to him by a dying fellow inmate. Using these riches, he assumes a new identity and devises, plan to vengeance upon all those who betrayed him.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ2226 .A3 D4 1999

Conte d’Automne (Autumn Tale). 1999, 110 minutes, French with English subtitles.

            In the fourth tale of “Tales of the four seasons” by Eric Rohmer, Magali is a 45-year old winegrower whose children have just left home and whose friends are trying to find her a man.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ 2678 .03455 C6

Cyrano de Bergerac.  1990, 138 Minutes, French with English subtitles, Color. A film by Jean-Paul Rappeneau. With Gerard Depardieu, Jacques Weber, and Anne Brochet.

            One of the most famous romances of all time comes to brilliant life in this dazzling new film based on the world famous play.  Cyrano is the 17th Century soldier-adventurer who is secretly in love with the beautiful, young Roxane.  Believing he is too ugly because of his grotesque nose to ever win Roxane, the eloquent Cyrano helps Christian, a tongue-tied soldier, to woo her with love letters.  But Christian is killed in battle and Cyrano feels compelled to keep his secret.  Years later, Roxane living in a convent, still faithful to her husband Christian, is visited by her mortally wounded friend Cyrano.  It is then that Roxane realizes that it was Cyrano that she had loved all the time.  His secret revealed, Cyrano dies as he had lived, heroically and fearlessly.

            CALL NUMBER:  PQ2635.O7 C9

Diabolo Menthe (Peppermint Soda). 1977, 97 minutes, French with English subtitles. A film by Diane Kurys.

            The spirited and entertaining tale of two teen-aged sisters living in Paris in the turbulent year of 1963.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1995.9.F67 D53 1993

Dimanche à la Campagne, Un  (A Sunday in the Country). 1984, 94 minutes, French with English subtitles, color. A film by Bertrand tavernier.

            An aging Impressionist painter in pre-World War I France is revitalized one Sunday afternoon by a visit from his energic daughter.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ2603 .O64 M62 1998

Diner de Cons, Le  (Dinner Game, The). 1998, 81 minutes, French with English subtitles.

            Laughter is on the menu when the creator of La Cage Aux Folles serves up a tasty comic feast with this hillarious farce. Pierre and his snobbish friends have a standing date for dinner. Every week, they  compete to see who can bring the biggest “idiot” to the party. Pierre is sure he’s found a winner in the unsuspecting François, a ministry accountant whose hobby is making matchstick models of famous monuments. But when circumstances trap Pierre in his apartment with Francois, the tables are turned and everyone gets their just desserts.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN 1997 D5 2000

Double vie de Véronique, La  (Double life of Véronique, The). 1991, 96 minutes, Polish and French with English subtitles, color. Directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski. With Irène Jacob.

            Born on the same day, a young Polish singer and a French music teacher and aspiring singer share the same talents and the same sense that somewhere there exists another person with whom her life is intertwined.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1995 .9. F67 D68 1992

Enfant sauvage, L' (The wild child). 1970, 85 minutes, B & W, French with English subtitles, DVD. A film by François Truffaut.

            Follows the capture of a young boy found living like an animal in the forest. Dr. Jean-Marc-Gaspard Itard of the National Institute for the Deaf and Dumb, Paris, believes the child can be transformed into a civilized being. The doctor removes the boy from the institute into his own home. The boy, named Victor, is divided between his longing for the wilderness and his new life with the doctor. Itard, whose teaching strategies survive today in the Montessori Method, is unsure whether he is helping a savage to become human or turning a forest child into a semi-civilized idiot.

            CALL NUMBER: GN290 .E5 2001


Enfants du Paradis, Les (Children of Paradise). 1945, 195 minutes, B & W, French with English subtitles. A film by Marcel Carné.

            Set in the 1840’s when pantomime and melodrama were at their height on Paris’ famed theater street, The Boulevard of Crime, this film portrays the actors and thieves who made the Boulevard their home. Arletty stars as a woman loved by a mime, an actor, a villain, and an aristocrat.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1997 .E63

Entre les Murs (The Class). 2008, 2h10 minutes.

            Winner of the Palme d'Or at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, master French director Laurent Cantet's THE CLASS is an absorbing journey into a multicultural high school in Paris over the course of a school year. François Begaudeau--an actual teacher and the author upon whose work the film was based--is utterly convincing as François, an open-minded teacher in charge of a classroom of youngsters from a wide variety of backgrounds. Of course, the mere fact that he's older and in a position of authority causes his students to challenge him on many occasions.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1997.2 .E58 2009

Entre Nous  (Coup de Foudre). 1983, 112 minutes, French with English subtitles, color, DVD.

            Set in Lyons in the 1950s, this is the story of Madeleine and Lena who are trapped in a rut of middle-class complacency. Their relationship deepens into a dependency that eventually bursts the confines of the provincial society around them.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1997 .C7346 1998

Est/Ouest (East/West). 1999, 125 minutes, French and Russian with English subtitles.

            A young medic and his French wife return to Russia when Stalin persuades exiles back to help rebuild the country at the end of WWII. Based on a true story.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1995.9.F67 E37 2000

Femme du Boulanger, La (Baker’s Wife, The). 1938, 124 minutes, French with English xubtitles, black and white. Written and directed by Marcel Pagnol.

            When the beautiful, young wife of the local baker runs off with a handsome shepherd, the tranquility of the village is shattered. The villagers are forced to take action when the inconsolable baker is too heartsick to bake bread. The whole village organizes to lure, cajole and force the young woman away from her lover and back to her husband – so that they can have bread on their tables.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ2613 .I57 F46 1988

Festin de Babette, Le (Babette's feast). 102 minutes, in French and Danish with English subtitles, DVD.

            On the desolate coast of Denmark, two elderly, religious women take in a young woman to be their housekeeper and cook, not knowing she is a superb French chef. When the chef, (who is never called upon to cook anything more complicated or mouth-watering than boiled codfish or soup), wins a large sum of money, she decides to spend it all creating a magnificient meal.

            CALL NUMBER: PT8175.B545 B33 1989

Feu Follet, Le (Fire within, The). 104 minutes, French with English subtitles. Written and directed by Louis Malle.

            Portrays the last 48 hours in the life of a dissolute playboy as he heads relentlessly toward suicide.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ2607 R5 F4 1992

Films of George Méliès. 54 minutes. Silent and musical accompaniment added; some credits in English and French.

            A collection of George Méliès trick films. These short films combine live action and special effects and feature travelers in time or space to fantastic or exotic locations.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1997 .A1 F557 1996

Fils de l’Épicier, Le. 2007, 106 min.

            It is summer, and thirty-year-old Antoine is forced to leave the city to return to his family in Provençe. His father is sick, so he must assume the lifestyle he thought he had shed—driving the family grocery cart from hamlet to hamlet, delivering supplies to the few remaining inhabitants. Accompanied by Claire, a friend from Paris whom he has a secret crush on, Antoine gradually warms up to his experience in the country and his encounters with the villagers, who initially seem stubborn and gruff, but ultimately prove to be funny and endearing. Ultimately, this surprise French box-office hit is about the coming-of-age of a man rediscovering life and love in the countryside.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1995.9.F67 F55 2008

Finzan.  1990, 107 minutes.

            Finzan is the story of two women's rebellion. Nanyuma, a young widow, refuses her brother-in-law, the village fool, when he asserts his traditional right to "inherit" her. Fili, a young girl sent from the city by her conservative father, is brutally "circumcised" by the village women who are scandalized that she resists the age-old custom. These two women's desire to control their own lives threatens the traditions of male supremacy in the village. Customs which had bound the community together now serve to drive out these women - one into exile, the other possibly to her death.

            CALL NUMBER:  DT 551 .45 .B35 F5  1990

Genou de Claire, Le  (Claire’s Knee). 1970, 106 minutes, French with English subtitles, color, DVD. Written and directed by Eric Rohmer.

            Satirizes a diplomat’s sexual temptations. On vacation without his fiancée, he flirts with a brash, charming nymphet, while harboring a secret, peculiar obsession for her stunning teenage sister.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1995 .9. F78 G46 1997

Germinal. 1993, 160 minutes, color, French with English subtitles. A film by Claude Berri.

            Based on Emile Zola’s novel of class war in the 19th century coal industry, Germinal tells the story of the robust miner Maheu, his large family and a mysterious outsider named Lantier. When wages are cut and working conditions at the mine become intolerable, a bitter strike results, instigated by the idealistic Lantier and led by the unshakable Maheu. The strike drags on through winter, and kills several miners. There is but one bright spot in Lantier’s life - Maheu’s daughter Catherine, for whom he will also have to fight.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ 2504 .A4 1994

Gervaise.  1957, 115 Minutes, French with English subtitles, Black and White. With Maria Schell and Francois Perier.

            Based on Emile Zola's Assommoir.  In 19th century Paris, a woman struggles to keep her family going but finally succumbs to the tawdry life of her drunken husband.

            CALL NUMBER:  PQ2496 .A2 1990

Gloire de Mon Père, La (My Father's Glory).  1990, 108 Minutes, French with English subtitles, Color. Directed by Yves Robert. Based on the work of Marcel Pagnol.

            An 11 year-old boy spends an enchanted summer in the rugged French countryside with his family.  The experience becomes a turning point in his young life and cements his relationship with his father. 

            CALL NUMBER:  PQ2631.A26 Z53

Grand Chemin, Le (The Grand Highway).  1988, 104 Minutes, French with English subtitles, Color. A film by Jean-Loup Hubert.

            Set in the late 50s in rural France, a young boy spends the summer with friends of his mother.  He is befriended by the village tomboy, experiences earthly country life, and by summer's end, the shy, vulnerable city-bred boy has learned to adapt to life's harsh realities.  Largely autobiographical, this film is a poignant and humorous film based on the childhood experiences of the writer-director.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN1997 .G67

Grande Illusion, La. 1997, 113 minutes.

            During World War I, three captured French pilots have an uneasy relationship with their German commandant.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1997 .G68

Haine, La (Hate)  1995, Color, 95 minutes, French with English subtitles. A film by Mathieu Kassovitz.

            After a young Arab is wounded by a police inspector during a riot in a trouble ridden suburb of Paris, the neighborhood is up in arms. The youth battle with the police and hold a low-rent housing project in a state of seige. Among these youths blinded by their hatred of the system, Hubert, Said and Vinz, three inseparable friends live out the most important day of their lives. Kassovitz won best director in Cannes 1995 for this film.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN 1997 . .H24 1996

Héros Très Discret, Un (A Self Made Hero). 1997, 105 minutes, color, French with English subtitles.

            In this droll comedy Mathieu Kassovitz stars as Albert Dehousse. At once a feeble slae to his mother’s madness, history will remember Albert’s captivating rise to heroism as a leader of the French Resistance. As brilliantly as de Gaulle eludes his nation’s collaboration with the Nazis, so will Albert shed his life of mediocrity in favor of one more fantastical.

            Restricted from service, Albert can only watch as the war ends without him. He desperately resolves to flee to Paris where his inspired gift of deception and trickery will lead to a tenaciously drawn plan reinventing a new and heroic identity for himself - a true reminder that the best lives are often the ones we make up.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1997 .S45 1998

Hiroshima, Mon Amour. 1997, 86 minutes. A film by Alain Resnais.

            A brief but intense affair between a French actress and a Japanese architect is the focus of this heartbreaking study of war and peace, of memory and remorse. From the opening scene, which juxtaposes two intertwined bodies with footage of Hiroshima’s atom bomb survivors, Resnais fuses the past with the present, personal pain with public anguish. With its innovative use of flashbacks and sound, this highly influential film changed our concept of time in cinema.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN 1995.9.F67 H57

Hussard sur le Toit, Le (The Horseman on the roof). [videorecording] [S.1.]: Miramax Home Entertainment, 1997, 119 minutes, French with English subtitles. A film by Jean-Paul Rappeneau. Based on the novel by jean Giono.With Juliette Binoche and Olivier Martinez.

            In a world ravaged by revolution and violence, two strangers – a handsome renegade and a beautiful countess – find their only chance for survival in each other. Together they undertake a perilous cross-country journey where they will also discover unmatched danger, excitement…and passion.

            CALL NUMBER: PN 1997 .H66 1997 -- video

Hyenas. 1992, 113 minutes, English

            An old woman, Linguère Ramatou, returns to Colobane, the decaying village where she was born, now that she has become the richest woman in the world. She seeks revenge against Dramaan Drameh, the lover of her youth who betrayed her, forcing her out of the village and into a life of prositution. She offers the villagers a trillion dollars if they will execute Dramaan. At first outraged, they easily become addicted to the pleasures of the consumer society. In the end, they literally consume Dramaan, leaving behind only his tattered clothes, like hyenas.

Il y a longtemps que je t’aime (I’ve loved you so long). 2008, 117 minutes.

            Their relationship fractured when older sister Juliette is sentenced to 15 years in prison, two siblings wage an emotional battle to rebuild their relationship, overcome the secrets that keep them apart, and finally express the thoughts that have lain dormant for well over a decade. The moment Juliette was convicted, her parents declared that they wanted nothing to do with her. Now, after 15 years behind bars, Juliette is a free woman and in desperate need of a human connection.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN1997.2 .I432 2009

Indochine.  1992, 160 Minutes, French with English subtitles, color. A film by Regis Wargnier. With Catherine Deneuve.

            Regis Wargnier's epic is set during the French occupation of Southeast Asia in the 1930s.  Catherine Deneuve plays a plantation owner who searches for her adopted Vietnamese daughter Camille (Linh Dan Pham) after the young woman falls in love and becomes a communist revolutionary.  "This intimate and tautly scripted work interweaves layers of deep affection with stirring historical details of 30s French Indo-China, maintaining throughout an unshakable tension of a world about to change" (Toronto Festival of Festivals).  Winner of the 1992 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN1995.9.L6 I6

J’accuse. 1939, 125 minutes, English subtitles.

            A strange man, obsessed by the horrors of war, calls upon the millions of dead soldiers from World War I to rise from their graves and march upon the cities of the world.

            CALL NUMBER: D522.23 J223 1991

J'ai Pas Sommeil (I Can't Sleep). 1996, 115 minutes, French with English subtitles. A film by Claire Denis.

            Based on the true story of Thierry Paulin, who with his male lover murdered over 20 elderly women in Paris in the 1980's.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1995.9.F67 J35 1996

Jacquot. 1994, 118 minutes, French with yellow English subtitles.

            A film by Agnès Varda on husband’s, director Jacques Demy, childhood in Nantes

            CALL NUMBER: PN 1997 .J256

Jean de Florette.  1987, 122 Minutes, French with English subtitles, color. A film by Claude Berri. With Yves Montand and Gerard Depardieu.

            Set in the rugged hills of old-world France, this powerful story of greed and passion begins with the simple ambition of one man (Jean Cadoret), a hunchback who inherits a farm from his mother and foolishly hopes to become a gentleman farmer.  But even before he arrives, his powerful neighbor is plotting to steal his land, aware of a hidden spring on the property.  Working with his sneaky nephew, the greedy old man intends to use the water to grow a lucrative field of carnations. When the wicked scheme--and a severe drought--bring Jean to the brink of destruction, the courageous farmer makes one last attempt to find water on his land.  But his noble efforts lead only to heartbreaking tragedy.             

Jésus de Montréal (Jesus of Montreal). 1989, 119 minutes, in French.

            A troupe of underemplyed actors joins a charismatic young man to help a church update its annual Passion play, which attracts a city full of hope, praise, temptation and condemnation.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1997 .J48 1990

Journal d’une Femme de Chambre, Le  (Diary of a Chambermaid, The). 1964, 98 minutes, French with English subtitles, black and white, DVD. Directed by Luis Buñuel. Narrated by Jeanne Moreau.

            A chambermaid with Paris flair, gets a job at a country estate. The family she works for and the other staff members are a strange sort and she must learn the ways of the country living and neighbor rivalry. After a child is murdered near the estate, she begins to have suspicions as to whom may be responsible.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ2364 .M7 J68 2001

Jules et Jim. 1962, B & W, French with English subtitles, 105 minutes, Franscope. A film by François Truffaut.

            Jeanne Moreau is the amoral, mysterious Catherine, an elusive beauty who desires two devoted friends, Jules (Oskar Werner) and Jim (Henri Serre), and must have them both. But for Catherine, no commitment is ever final. Her restless, reckless spirit keeps her from experiencing true love, and leads, ultimately, to tragedy for all three. Jules and Jim is a gentle, lyrical hymn to the fragility of life, love, and friendship.

            CALL NUMBER:  PQ2635 .01958 J84 1992

Keita!:  The Heritage of the Griot. 94 minutes. English.

            Keïta introduces Americans, young and old, to one of the most important works of African oral literature, The Sundjata Epic. The film frames its dramatization of this legend within the story of a contemporary young African's initiation into the history of his family. When a djéliba, a master griot or bard, arrives mysteriously at the home of Mabo Keïta to teach him "the meaning of his name," boy and griot are inevitably brought into conflict with his Westernized mother and schoolteacher, who have rejected African tradition. The griot reveals to Mabo the story of his distant ancestor, Sundjata Keïta, the 13th Century founder of the great Malian trading empire. It describes the events leading up to Sundjata's birth as the son of the ugly, hunchbacked second wife of a Mandé king. Sundjata is crippled at birth by his father's first wife who fears a prophecy that he will displace her son as king. The film tells the story of how, from these unpromising beginnings, Sundjata first walks and gradually acquires the strength, wisdom and occult powers he will need to fulfill his destiny as one of the great leaders of African legend.

            CALL NUMBER:      Video DT533.K45 K44  1994

Lady and The Duke, The.  2002, 129 minutes

            A suspenseful, visually opulent story based on a true story about an unusual friendship during a dangerous time. Beautiful aristocrat Grace Elliott enjoys her comfortable upper-middle class life and warm friendship with her former lover the Duke of Orleans, until the turbulent French Revolution of the 1790s frighteningly begins. Their friendship unravels as Grace risks her life taking in a fugitive against the Duke’s wishes. Soon, Grace urges the Duke not to make a horrifying decision. But ultimately she’s unable to prevent several bloody fates – including the possibility of her own.

Lancelot of the Lake.  1975, 80 minutes, French with English subtitles, color.

            Robert Bresson's masterpiece is set in the last days of the age of chivalry.  It is a mystical, haunting film which depicts the doomed quest of the Knights of the Round Table for the Holy Grail.  Told in Bresson's spare style, this is a film as audacious as it is mesmerizing.  With Luc Simon, Laura Duc Condominas and Humbert Balsan.

            CALL NUMBER:  PQ1489.L2 L26

Like a Fish Out of Water. 1999, 90 minutes , French with English subtitles, color, DVD.

            A seductive femme fatale and two con men – one cool as ice, the other enjoys icing his victims – enlist a mild-mannered dork in their mission to steal a rare and valuable fish. They plan to sell it back to its grieving owner at an enormous profit, but even a dumb fish could tell you crime doesn’t pay, or does it?

            CALL NUMBER: PN1995.9.F78 C6 2002

Lucie Aubrac. 116 minutes. French language, with English subtitles. A film by Claude Berri.

            Lyons, France. March, 1943. WWII rages on and the French Resistance movement courageously fights the Nazi occupiers. Activist Raymond Samuel, after being betrayed by a comrade, is arrested by the Gestapo and found guilty of war crimes.  Beaten, tortured and sentenced to death, Raymond’s last – and only – hope for survival is his wife, Lucie Aubrac. Lucie, who is as cunning and resourceful as she is beautiful and romantic, conceives an outrageously bold plan for her husband’s escape – flirting with the enemy and risking her life to keep a promise they made to one another: They would never be apart on the anniversary of the first time they made love.

            CALL NUMBER: D 802.F8 L83

Ma Saison Préférée (My Favorite Season). 1996, 122 minutes, French with English subtitles, color.  With Catherine Deneuve and Daniel Auteuil.

            This film explores the turbulent relationshipt between Emilie and her brother Antoine during a particularly emotional eruption of their long-time dysfunctional family.

            CALL NUMBER: PN 2995.9 .f35 M3

Madame Bovary.  1990, 140 minutes, color. A film by Claude Chabrol. With Isabelle Huppert.

            Daughter of a peasant, married to a Doctor, she dreams of a life of luxury as she becomes bored by her station in life in the 1800's Normandy.  She has affairs, then heavily in debt and depressed she takes her life...

            CALL NUMBER:  PQ2246.M2 E5 1991

Madame Bovary.  [videorecording] Los Angeles, CA: Republic Pictures Home Video, 1992, c1990. 130 minutes.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ2246.M2 E5 1992 -- VIDEO

Madame Rosa. 104 minutes. Based on a famous novel of the life of a Jewish concentration camp survivor who takes care of those even less fortunate than her. Stars Simone Signoret in an unforgetably moving role.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN1997.M123

Maître de Musique, Le (Music Teacher, The).  1990, 100 Minutes, French with English subtitles, color. A film by Gerard Corbiau. With Jose Van Dam.

            A poignant love story, a pulse-pounding international music competition, a beautiful musical score...Shortly before the Great War, celebrated singer Joachim Dallayrac suddenly announces his retirement from the stage and devotes himself to training two young singers, the beautiful Sophie, who falls in love with him, and Jean, a singing thief who falls in love with Sophie.  Sophie and Jean are invited to an international singing competition which will either lead to fame and riches or to revenge...

            CALL NUMBER:  ML1700 .M3

Mama There's a Man in your Bed (Romuald et Juliette). 1990, 107 minutes, color, yellow subtitles. With Daniel Auteuil.

            This hilarious comedy from the writer and director of the original THREE MEN AND A BABY tells of the rise, fall and rise again of the powerful C.E.O. of a major corporation. At the peak of his powers, Romuald becomes the victim of envious board members who plan a takeover, framing Romuald for insider trading. But Romuald's rivals have an unexpected adversary and Romuald has an unexpected friend-the cleaning lady Juliette. Juliette, working late at night, has witnessed just enough to piece together the conspiracy against Romuald. She offers to help him and together they conspire to take back his company. Romuald hides out in Juliette's cramped apartment and before long finds himself caught up in the complexities of Juliette's life including her five children and five ex-husbands. With her help, it doesn't take Romuald long to stab the back-stabbers back and regain his place in the company. But happiness for Romuald is incomplete without the cleaning lady who won his heart-and won back his company-so Romuald proposes a merger, a merger of love. It's a contract he'll never regret.

            CALL NUMBER:      PQ2679.E6745 M3 1990

Manon des Sources (Manon of the Spring).  1987, 113 Minutes, French with English subtitles, color. A film by Claude Berri. with Yves Montand and Emmanuelle Beart. 

            Ten years have passed since the tragic events of Jean de Florette.  Jean's daughter, Manon, is now a beautiful young shepherdess, roaming the rugged Provencal hills.  The frustrated Ugolin is desperately in love with the untamed woman.  But Manon is repulsed by the hapless man's pursuit.  After cutting off the village's water supply, Manon appears in town to accuse the Soubeyrans of killing her father.  Ugolin, remorseful over his role in her father's death, throws himself at her feet.  But her public rejection of him proves too much to bear, and leads to a tragedy that nearly destroys César.  But the old man's most heartbreaking moment comes when he finally learns the shattering truth about Jean, the son of Florette.

            CALL NUMBER:  PQ2631.A26 .M26

Marie-Antoinette:  Les Jupons de la Révolution.  1989, 90 Minutes, French, no subtitles, color. A film by Caroline Huppert. With Emmanuelle Beart.

            A chronicle of the life of Marie-Antoinette from her adolescence to her death.  She becomes French by marriage, and is acquainted with the luxuries of life in the court.  All the while, the revolution grows and the people are hungry.  Thus begins the "prise de conscience" de Marie-Antoinette, and she faces her destiny calmly and boldly.

            CALL NUMBER:  DC137.1 .M37

Marius and Jeannette. 1998. 102 minutes, color, in French with English subtitles.

            This quirky romantic comedy is a lyrical and mature chronicle about listening to the music of the heart.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN 1995.9.L6M37

Mille et Une Nuits. 1991, 108 minutes.

            CALL NUMBER: PJ 7715 .A73

Misérables, Les. 1994, 177 minutes, color, French with English subtitles. A film by Claude Lelouch.

            It comes like lightning. The Nazis overrun France and for its proud people, it begins the most miserable of times. Yet it’s not so miserable that the goodness of one man cannot triumph. In Les Miserables, two-time Academy Award winner Claude Lelouch fashions a magnificent achievement that won the Golden Globe Award as 1995’s Best Foreign Film. Legenday Jean-Paul Belmondo stars as Henri Fortin, a true and simple man whose life parallels that of Jean Valjean, the hero of Victor Hugo’s great novel. But those parallels do not mean a simple updating of Hugo’s tale. Instead, Lelouch uses them to fram a towering cascade of events, traits and emotions: nobility, suffering, persistence, joy, hate, longing, love, greed, betrayal, war, peace and life-affirming joy and hope. “After 34 films, I am dedicated to filming hope,” Lelouch states. Here he does it with power and grace.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN 2286.A3 M5

Molière.  1995, 2 Video Set (1h55 and 2h08), French, no subtitles. A film by Ariane Mnouchkine.

            CALL NUMBER:  PQ1852 .A135

Molière.  1977, 2 Video Set, 280 Minutes, color, French, no subtitles. A film by Ariane Mnouchkine. Directed by C. Lelouch.

            Story of Moliere, born in 1622 France, son of a carpenter, gentle mother who died early.  Great actor, writer.  From infancy to his death...

            CALL NUMBER:  PQ1852 .A135

Mon Oncle. 1958, 116 minutes, French with optional English subtitles, color, DVD. With and directed by Jacques Tati.

            A comedy in which the vague and clumsy M. Hulot, in contrast to his more wealthy sister and brother-in-law, is constantly at odds with the modern world.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1995 .9. F67 .M66 2001

Monsieur Vincent.  1947, 112 minutes, B & W, French with new English subtitles.

            The highly acclaimed MONSIEUR VINCENT presents a most compelling portrait of the remarkable 17th century priest who devoted himself to the poor, sick and abandoned in a France devastated by Wars of Religion and the Thirty Years War. Son of a poor farmer, Vincent went to school, graduated in theology and became a priest. Captured by Turkish pirates and sold into slavery he later escaped to France with his master whom he had converted! His most extraordinary life took him from the prison galley ships into the plague ridden villages, to the princely homes of the aristocrats whom he convinced to finance and participate in his charitable endeavors which included the establishment of local missions and the nations first hospitals.

            CALL NUMBER: BX 4700.V6 M66 1997

Muriel, ou, le temps d’un retour. 1965, 116 minutes, in French with English subtitles. A film by Alain Resnais.

            A lonely woman is trying to sort her memories and present desires for the resumption of a long past love.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1997 .M875 1993

Napoléon: soldier, emperor, lover, statesman. 2000 (PBS), 2 videos, 240 minutes, English.

            For nearly two decades he strode the world stage like a colossus – loved and despised, venerated and feared. From his birth on the rugged island of Corsica to his final exile on the godforsaken island of St Helena, “Napoleon” brings this extraordinary figure to life.

            CALL NUMBER: DC203 .N27 2000

Night of Truth. 2004, 100 minutes.

            Set in a fictional West-African country, this film tells the story of the night of reconciliation between two ethnic groups, the Nayak and the Bonandes. After ten years of war and much bloodshed, Theo, leader of the Bonandes, invites the Nayak president to come and make peace. However things don't go as smoothly as planned.

Nuit Américaine (Day for Night). 1973, 116 minutes, color, English language version.

            François Truffaut’s 1973 film, an “homage to moviemaking”, details the loves and lunacy of the closely-knit family of strangers that comprises an on-location film, cast and crew.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1995 .9. M65 N85 1989

Orpheus. 1949, black and white, 86 minutes, French with subtitles.

            Jean Cocteau’s modern version of the Orpheus and Eurydice legend depicts the love of the poet Orpheus for the Princess of Death, who travels constantly between this world and the next. The film is replete with poetic imagery and, as the legend unfolds, Cocteau’s photographic mastery pulls the audience into the fantasy of being in touch with both the real world and the world of the imagination. The brilliant director, Jean Cocteau, calls his film “a drama of the visible and the invisible…the myth of immortality.” Don’t miss this fascinating and enchanting adventure into the exotic world of fantasy.

            CALL NUMBER:  PQ 2605 015 07 1986

Over there 1914-1918. 1963, 90 minutes.

            Analyzes the reasons for World War I using documentary and propagandistic film sequences compiled from newsreels, army films, and suppressed footage. Presents a chronological history of the war, describes the mechanism of the European political alliances, and explains the social symptoms of budding nazism.

            CALL NUMBER: D.5522.23 O93 1996

Overseas.  1990, 96 minutes, in French with English subtitles. With Nicole Garcia, Rouan, Marianne Basler and Philippe Galland.

            A stylistically audacious first feature by the talented French actresse Brigitte Rouan. Set in the late 40s, this film traces that opposite fortunes of three wealthy sisters living in French occupied North Africa at the onset of the Algerian war.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN1997 .O8  1992

Parure, La. 1999, 20 minutes, color, in French.

            The story of a woman who borrows her friend’s necklace, only to lose it, theis dramatization of Maupassant’s cynical and caustic tale will delight students of all levels.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ2349 .A5 1999

Passion de Jeanne D'Arc, La (The Passion of Joan of Arc). 1928, 82 minutes, black and white, silent film with French intertiltles, optional English subtitles and optional oratorio soundtrack sung in Latin and French. DVD.

            Dramatization of the life of Joan of Arc centering on her trial and execution.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1995.9.J57 P28 1999

Persepolis. 2007, 117 minutes, in Wolof with English subtitles, color.

            Adaptation of Marjane Satrapi's bestselling autobiographical graphic novel detailing the trials faced by an outspoken Iranian girl who finds her unique attitude and outlook on life repeatedly challenged during the Islamic revolution.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1995.9.B55 P477476 2008

Petite Vendeuse de Soleil, La. 44 minutes, in Wolof with English subtitles, color.

            Parable uses the struggles of a young cripped girl in Dakar trying to earn her living in the market place selling newspaper to mirror Africa’s role in the international marketplace.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1997 .P48 1999

Pièces d’Identités. 93 minutes, color and black and white.

            A Congolese king searches for his daughter in Brussels where for a time he loses his royal fetishes, his identity, but finds a friend, a local cabdriver with a secret identity. With his help and a chain of coincidence (it must be destined), Mani Kongo is reunited with his daughter and his regalia and returns to Africa with a circle of friends.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1997 .P54 1998

Place Vendôme.  1998, color, 113 minutes.

            Marianne is at a terrible crossroads in her life, following the shock of her husband Vincent’s apparent suicide and the revelation that his prestigious jewellery business is riddled with crippling debt. Once a promising young jeweler herself, Marianne has gradually sunk into alcoholism since her marriage. However, the discovery of seven maghificent diamonds, secretly stashed away by Vincent, rekindles Marianne’s forgotten ambition. Resolving to sell them, she unwittingly enters the shady underworld of the diamond trade, uncovering a sinister web of intrigue that will lead to a mysterious former lover and a dangerous struggle for her own survival…

            CALL NUMBER:

Ponette. 1997, 92 minutes, French with English subtitles.

            Named the Best Foreign Film of the Year by the New York Film Critics Circle, Ponette stars 4-year old Victoire Thivisol, Winner of the Best Acress Award at the Venice Film Festival, in the title role. Sent to live with her relatives, Ponette experiences the hopes, dreams and fears of a child following the loss of a parent. Ultimately, it is her faith, love and strength of character that enables Ponette to triumphantly overcome her tragedy.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN 1997.P664

Règle du jeu, La.  1939, 90 mins. French with English subtitles.

            One of the great films of all time, a satirical anatomy of polite society, with a mixture of farce and bitterness. Set at a weekend party at the chateau of the rich Marquis de la Chayniest, the story concerns complicated love intrigues.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1995.9.F67 R85

Retour de Martin Guerre, Le (Return of Martin Guerre, The) . 1982, 123 mns.        

            Tells the suspensful true story of a 16th century peasant (Gérard Depardieu) who disappears shortly after his wedding.  When he returns from the war nine years later a much changed man, his identity is questioned by almost everyone-- including, it seems, his wife (Natalie Baye). Only at the end of an intense trial does the truth come out. A remarkable portrayal of life in 16th century France.

            CALL NUMBER:  KJV 130 .G83 R4

Ridicule. 1996, 103 minutes, color, French with English subtitles. A film by Patrice Leconte.

            A fascinating glimpse of pre-revolutionary France where power is defined not only by title but also by wit. Ponceludon de Malavoy visits Versailles to request the aid of King Louis XVI. Before he can see the King, he must prove to the courtesans that he’s capable of matching wits. He’s befriended by Marquis de Bellegarde whose daughter, Mathilde, enchants Ponceludon by her refusal to participate in drawing room repartee. In a dramatic conclusion, Ponceludon must choose between Mathilde and the court.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN 1997.R53

Romance of Astrée and Celadon, The. 2007, 109 minutes.

            French legend Eric Rohmer directs this adaptation that played at the film festivals in Toronto, New York, and Venice. Based on a 17th century novel that was set in the bucolic countryside in the 5th century, the film is about the love of the titular couple. A misunderstanding between the pair leads to Astrea banishing her beloved Celadon from her sight. Since he cannot live without his love, he throws himself into the river to end his life. Ironically, that's where the fun begins…

Rosetta. 2000, 95 minutes, French with English subtitles.

            Rosetta is a shy 17-year-old girl, living with her alcoholic mother in a trailer park in Belgium. Desperate to live a normal life, her ambition is to get and keep a job.

            CALL NUMBER: PN 1997 R67 2000

Rouge et le Noir, Le (Black and the Red, The). 1957, 134 minutes, French with English subtitles, color. Based on the novel by Stendhal. Directed by Claude Utant-Lara.

            Set in 1830’s France, the ambitious son of a carpenter challenges the rigid social order of the time when he becomes a private tutor.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ2435 .R613 1985

Rue Cases-Nègres (Sugar Cane Alley).  1995, 107 minutes, French with English subtitles.

            A poor, hard-working sugar-cane-plantation worker makes many sacrifices to improve her 11 year-old orphaned grandson’s chances in life by giving him a good education.

            CALL NUMBER: VIDEO PQ3949 .Z6 R8 1995

Saint Joan, Bernard Shaw's.  1987, 110 Minutes, English.

            Graham Green's adaptation of Bernard Shaw's play about the life of Joan of Arc.  Originally released in 1957 as a motion picture.

            CALL NUMBER:  PR5363.S33 B4

Sans Soleil. 100 minutes, color.

            “An unknown woman reads and comments on the letters she receives from a friend, a freelance cameraman who travels around the world and wonders” about the meaning of his work and about the role of the memory he helps create.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1997 .S26 1982

Subway. 1985, 104 minutes, French dubbed into English, color, DVD. Directed by Luc Besson. With Isabelle Adjani.

            Fred, drifter and fugitive from the corporate world, makes his new home in the Paris metro, seduces his ex-boss’s wife Helena and involves her in his schemes.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1995 .9. D583 1997

Tatie Danielle.  1991, 114 Minutes, French with English Subtitles.

            Meet the meanest old lady on earth. She's Auntie--"Tatie"-- Danielle, a demanding and manipulative woman who must be waited on hand and foot.  When she moves in with her great nephew, he and his wife hope that "Tatie" will be the grandmother the children never had.  It doesn't take long, however, for this cantankerous old lady to make everyone's life hell.  A clever and darkly hilarious work from director Etienne Chatliez.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN1995.9.C55 T37

Tell no one.  2008, 125 Minutes, Thriller.

            Pediatric Alex Beck still devastated by the savage murder of wife Margot in the early days of their marriage eight years ago, receives an anonymous email. When he clicks on the link he sees a woman's face standing in a crowd and being filmed in real time - Margot's face. Is she still alive? And why does she instruct him to 'tell no one'?

Temps retrouvé, Le (Time regained). 1999, 158 minutes, French with English subtitles, DVD. A film by Raúl Ruiz, with Catherine Deneuve, Emmanuelle Béart, John Malkovich, Vincent Perez.

            Set in 1922, this film opens with Proust on his deathbed remembering his life. Gradually his own experiences give away to the characters in his novel.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ2631.R63 T46 2001

Tous les Matins du Monde (All the Mornings of the World).  1992, 110 Minutes, French with English subtitles, color. With Gérard Depardieu.

            Swept away by passion, music, and madness, the lives of a virtuoso musician and his two beautiful daughters are forever changed by the arrival of a flamboyant young student.  Set in the luscious splendor of 17th century France, it weaves a breath-taking tapestry of sight, sound, and seduction.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN1997 .T68

Vatel. 103 minutes, DVD. Starring Gérard Depardieu, Uma Thurman, Tim Roth.

            The Duc de Condé’s employee, François Vatel, is in charge of cooking, and preparing shows for the French King Louis XIV when he visits the castle of Chantilly, owned by de Condé. If Vatel can impress the King, de Condé will gain his favors, and the destiny of France will change. While the King is visiting and three days of banquets ensue, Vatel falls in love with the King’s mistress.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1997.2 .V38 2001

Veuve de Saint-Pierre, La  (The Widow of Saint-Pierre). 108 minutes, with English subtitles, color. Starring Juliette Binoche, Daniel Auteuil, Emir Kusturica. Film by Partice Leconte.

            A true story, set in1850 in Newfoundland. A prisonner condemned to death becomes controversial as the police chief’s wife fights to save him.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN1997.2.W53 2001

Vie de Bohème, La. Film. 1994, 100 minutes.

            La Vie de Bohème is a witty look at life from the perspective of some starving artists. Rodolfo, an Albanian Painter, Marcel, a French poet, and Schaunard, an Irish composer, are all down and out in Paris, contemplating the perils of impoverished genius but finding solace in their shared commitment to the noble pursuit of art. When Marcel is evicted from his apartment, Rodolfo invites him to share his supper in a small restaurant, and from this generosity wins himself a friend. The two return to Marcel's apartment to continue their conversation, only to find that the wild musician Schaunard has become the new tenant. Over some more wine the duo becomes a trio who together will battle their cruel destiny. In the comic events that follow involving love, work, and of course art, they are always one precarious step away from ruin-or the strangely elusive moment of success.

            CALL NUMBER:  PQ 2367.M94 S42

Vie est belle, La (Life is Rosy). 1987, 85 minutes, French with English subtitles, color.

            The story of a rural Zairian musician who uses his wit and talent to get his big break on television.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1997 .V455 1987

Vie est un Long Fleuve Tranquille, La (Life is a long quiet river). 1987, 89 minutes, color, French with English subtitles.

            A rich social satire, the film centers on the abrupt collision of two very different famillies and the hilarious results. The Le Quesnoys live the ordered, polite, uptight life of the securely wealthy. The Groseilles are a slovenly family of tramps, lowlifes and thieves from the other side of the tracks. When an act of revenge uncovers the fact that twelve years ago their babies were switched at birth, the two families are plunged into chaos.

            CALL NUMBER: PN1997.9.C55 V53

Vie et Rien d’Autre, La (Life and Nothing But). Film. 1989, 135 Minutes, Color, Rated PG, French with yellow English subtitles.

            A gripping historical drama unfolds against the carnage left by World War I in France. A search for the men they love leads two women to an imperious army officer, Major Dellaplane (Philippe Noiret), a man obsessed with accounting for France's war casualities. The women's quest mirrors that of tens of thousands of French with loved ones listed as missing in action. But the army wants to forget the mass of missing and find one certifiably French unknown soldier to honor, for burial under the Arc de Triomphe. Dellaplane is put in charge of the effort. In the course of his mission, he learns the fate of the womens' loved ones and a shocking secret that may determine the fate of the women themselves

            CALL NUMBER:  PN1997.V53

Violons du Bal, Les. 1974, 110mns, English subtitles. With Jean-Louis Trintignant.

            The relationship between art and personal sacrifice is explored in Michael Drach's film about a brilliant young filmaker obsessed with chronicling his family's efforts to escape Nazi-occupied France.  Marie-José Nat won the Best Actress Award at Cannes.

            CALL NUMBER: PN 1997 .V56

Visiteurs, Les.  1993, 108 Minutes, French, no subtitles, color.

            A warrior and his valet are time-projected from the year 1123 to 1993 in France.  They encounter all kinds of modern changes, yet are furious at being cheated out of their castle and inheritance.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN 1997 .V57 1993

Year in Provence, A. 1989. 360mns, English

            Adapted from Peter Mayle's international best seller, the video recounts the first year of Mayle's stay in rustic Provence. Peter and his wife Annie explore the charm of the region and meet a group of unconventional characters who complicate their lives with intrigue and misdaventures. Four cassette deluxe boxed set.

            CALL NUMBER: DC 611 .P961 M38 Parts 1-4 

Zero de Conduite.  1993, 50 minutes, French, black and white.

            Two boys return from their holidays to a repressive school environment. They lead a student revolt against the school authorities. A wonderful study of adolescence and the strength of human spirit.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN 1997 .Z47 1994

About Cinema

America's First Women Filmmakers.  1993, 114 Minutes, English; Smithsonian Video and Library of Congress Video Collection.

            Alice Guy-Blaché was probably the first person (of either sex) to direct a narrative film.  Her first film as she remembered it was an 1896 minute-long tale called "La Fée aux Choux" ("The Cabbage Fairy"); Lois Weber made films that looked deeply into society and behavior.  For a time in the mid-1910s, she was both the most distinctive of auteurs and the highest-salaried director in Hollywood.

            CALL NUMBER:  PN1995.9.W6 A43

Cinema in Senegal. 1978, color, 27 mins.

            Senegalese film director Ousmane Sembene discusses filmmaking in Senegal, and by extension filmmaking in sub-Saharan Africa with associates. Excerpts are shown from his film “Ceddo” and from “Et La Neige N’était Plus” by Ababacar Samb-Makharam, and “ReouhTakh” by Mahama Johnson Traore. The conversation is in French with voice over translation. The topics discussed with some passion on this program concern art in a post-colonial society, censorship and self-censorship, how Senegalese films track the underlying concerns of society (including the conflict between Christianity and Islam and both with old indigenous religions), and the role of educated Senegalese who return to a country in which they can no longer relate so comfortably to older traditions.

            CALL NUMBER: DN1993.5  .S38 C56

Critical Spirit. 1997, 64 minutes.

             Francois Truffaut, ou l’esprit critique.

            CALL NUMBER: PN 1998 .A3 T75


Bourgeois Gentilhomme, Le. 1999, 97 minutes.

            A screen adaptation of Molière’s comedy, this is a lively satire on the pretensions of a rich but silly man to the snobberies of the aristocracy.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ1829 .A3 W7 1999

Don Juan.  1989, 106 minutes, French, no subtitles

            By transforming the character of Don Juan from unscrupulous seducer into a man of overweening pride, cynicism, and disdain, Molière turned a Spanish theme into a thoroughly French play and offended so many that the play was withdrawn. Posterity has judged more kindly.

            CALL NUMBER: VIDEO PQ 1831.A37 B3 1989

Endgame.  1992, 96 Minutes, English, Color; by Samuel Beckett.

            The San Quentin Drama Workshop presents an English version of Beckett's play Fin de partie.

            CALL NUMBER:  PQ2603.E378 F59



Femmes Savantes, Les.  1978/1990, 115 Minutes, French, no subtitiles, Color; A play in five acts, by Molière, with François Chaumette.

            Armande, the eldest daughter of Philaminte and Chrysale, and her sister, Henriette, are rivals for the affections of Clitandre and each one believes that he loves them in return, but in truth he favors Henriette.  To win the approval of Henriette's mother, Clitandre enlists the support of Belise, Henriette's aunt, who interprets Clitandre's friendship as love, leading to a situation of great confusion.

            CALL NUMBER:  PQ1833.A3 F6

Guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu, La.  1991, 110 Minutes, French with English subtitles, Color; A play written by Jean Giraudoux.

            An inspired production of Giraudoux' famous play about the conflict between those who see war as the greatest risk of all and the ultimate folly, and those who speak of patriotism, manliness, and glory.  Like any great work, it has been read to provide different messages on different occasions:  when it was written, as a commentary on the growing menace of Nazi Germany; and post-war, as a warning to each new threat of the cold war.

Il faut qu'une porte soit ouverte ou fermée.  20 Minutes, French, no subtitles, Black and White.

            A presentation of the play of the same name by Musset, performed by the Madeleine Renaud-Jean-Louis Barrault Company.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ2369 .A19 M3

Lorenzaccio. 1990, 2 videocassettes (120 and 27 minutes), in French; A play by Alfred de Musset.

            Historical drama about the psychological voyage of the young Lorenzo de Medici who, to gain the confidence of the ruling despot, adopts, and soon discovers he enjoys the excesses for which the Medici are famous.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ2369 .L3 1993

Misanthrope, Le. French with English subtitles, 120 minutes, color

            Perhaps Molière's greatest play and as close to tragedy as comedy can come. Alceste begins as a man who loves mankind so much that he cannot brook flattery or hypocrisy and winds up withdrawing from society in defeat.

            CALL NUMBER:  PQ1837.A3 D89 1989

On ne badine pas avec l’amour.

            CALL NUMBER: PQ2369 .A19 M3

Phèdre.  1982, 93 Minutes, French with English subtitles.

            Racine's adaptation of the legend of Thesus, kind of Athens, his wife, Phedre, and his son, Hippolyte.  Written in 1677.  (Video release of the 1968 motion picture.)

            CALL NUMBER:  PN1997 .P5

Tartuffe, or, The Imposter.  1984, 110 Minutes; Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Molière's Tartuffe, with Antony Sher, Nipel Hawthorne, and Alison Steadman.

            Clutching ever-present rosary beads, shifting uncomfortably within the hairshirt he wears as continual penance--and always eyeing the women as they pass--Tartuffe, Molière's master of unctuous evil, insinuates himself into a wealthy Parisian household in this indictment of religious hypocrisy.  Posing as a holy man, the wily Tartuffe entrances Orgon, a credulous well-to-do merchant, bent on bestowing his worldly goods, social position, and nubile daughter on the perfidious fraud.  Tartuffe delights in accepting it all--and also arranges a little depraved dalliance with Orgon's young wife, Elmire.

            CALL NUMBER:  PQ1842.A4 H2

About Theater

Avignon Theater Festival (New Edition).  17 Minutes.  Welcome to this world-famous festival, held annually, which attracts some of the greatest actors from the theater.

Beckett Directs Beckett:  A Trilogy. 1990, 4 Video set, 279 Minutes, English; Smithsonian Video Library, A Presentation of the San Quentin Drama Workshop.

            "The spirit of the play, to the extent which it has one, is that nothing is more grotesque than the tragic."  --Samuel Beckett.  Contents include:  1)Waiting for Godot Act I--77 Min.; 2)Waiting for Godot Act II--60 Min.; 3)Krapp's Last Tape--46 Min.; 4)Endgame--96 Min.

            CALL NUMBER:  PR6003.E282 B42 (v.1-3) 

                                        PQ2603.E378 F59 (v.4)

Molière.  1982, 35 Minutes, English, Color and black and white; University of Leeds.

            Portrays Molière's life story and presents a view of the theatre, styles, and customs of 17th century France.

            CALL NUMBER:  PQ1852.A13

Nouvelle expérience:  Cirque du Soleil.  1991, 72 Minutes, French ,no subtitles.

            A TV special by Jacques Payette.

            CALL NUMBER:  GV1821.C578 N68

Racine.  1993, 35 Minutes, English, Color and black and white; University of Leeds.

            Contains brief biographical details and an analysis of Racine's work.

            CALL NUMBER:  PQ1904 .A13


Après-midi d'un faune, L'.  1912, 25 minutes. Music by Claude Debussy.

            Shows two performances of the Juilliard School production of Nijinsky's L'apres-midi d'un faune; the first is shown in long-shot, the second in close-up.

            CALL NUMBER:  GV1580 .C47

Boheme, La.  1982, 141 Minutes, Italian with English Subtitles.

            Metropolitan Opera Productions.

            CALL NUMBER:  M1500.P82 B6 (Music Library)

Carmen.  1985, 151 Minutes, French with English Subtitles; By Bizet.

            In 19th century Seville, the lusty, tempestuous Carmen seduces a naive Army corporal, Don Jose.  Jose abandons his career, his fiancee, and even his dying mother for the love of this sultry gypsy.  But soon she spurns him for the love of a toreador, Escamillo.  Crazed with jealousy, Jose begs Carmen to return to him, but her taunting declaration of independence results in tragedy.

            CALL NUMBER:  M1500.B5 C3 (Music Library)

Fille Mal gardée, La.  1985, 98 Minutes; Royal Opera House (Ballet).

            Lise, the only daughter of Simone, a widow and owner of a prosperous farm, is in love with Colas, a young farmer, but her mother has far more ambitious plans.

            CALL NUMBER:  GV1790 .F54

Orfeo, L’.  1988, 102 Minutes, Italian with English subtitles.

            An opera in 5 acts.

            CALL NUMBER:  M1500.M65 O7 (Music Library)


Enfant et les sortileges, L'.  1986, 50 Minutes; By Maurice Ravel; World of Dance series, With Nederlands Dans Theater and Choeur et la Maîtrise de la RTF.

            A young boy who doesn't want to study has a tantrum and wrecks his room.  Animated by his naughtiness, objects come to life and begin to sing and dance, drawing the boy into their enchanted world.  (Ballet)

            CALL NUMBER:  GV1790 .E53

Gaîté Parisienne.  1986, 38 Minutes, Black and white; Performed by the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo.

            For ten years, Jessen followed the Ballet Russe around America filming Gaîté Parisienne, whenever Danilova, Franklin, and Danielian were dancing the principal roles.  He edited this film from thirty-second "takes" filmed in various locations in many different theatres.

            CALL NUMBER:  GV1786.B3 G33

Oiseau de feu, L' (The Firebird).  1987, 48 Minutes.

            An adaptation of the original work by Stravinsky.  Considered to be one of the masterpieces of modern ballet.

            CALL NUMBER:  GV1790 .O5

Paris Dances Diaghilev.  1992, 84 Minutes.

            From the Opera de Paris Garnier.

            CALL NUMBER:  GV1785.D5 P37

Paris Opera Ballet, The:  Six Ballets.  1987, 58 Minutes, Color; VIEW video dance series, Directed by Rudolf Nurevev.

            A special selection of works, including the Tchaikovsky Ballet, Delta T, Ephemera, Paillettes, The Ice Skaters, and The Black Swan; choreographed especially for the stars of the Paris Opera Ballet.

            CALL NUMBER:  GV1790.A1 P37

Sylphides, Les.  1980, 34 Minutes; A Ballet Choreogaphed by Mikhael Fokine.

Inspired by the 1905 visit of Isadora Duncan to Russia, Fokine took the timeless music of Frederic Chopin and created Chopiniana (later renamed Les Sylphides). This ballaet celebrates the lyrical and poetic qualities of Romantic ballet blanc to express the sublime nature of dance. Les Sylphides is one of the revolutionary ballets of the 20th Century. Firstly, to choreograph to the works of the great masters, such as Chopin, was unheard of. Secondly, there were virtually no abstract, plotless works in the Russian repertoir, which was characterized by Petipa's large scale full-length productions. Les Sylphides was premiered for the 1909 Paris season by Serge Diaghilev's Ballets Russes and featured Anna Pavlova and Vaslav Nijinsky. Of the many innovative works presented by this great impressario, this was his favorite.

            CALL NUMBER:  GV1790.S92 A3