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Auf Geht's Software FAQ


Q. I can't install the program - it hangs about 1/3 of the way through installation and I have to quit installation.


A. Installation can take several minutes, during which it may seem that nothing is happening. Simply go about your business for a while, come back, and the installation should be done. On slower computers it can take over 10 minutes so give it time.


Q.  When I start the program, a Dialogue box tells me to install the latest version of Quicktime.


A.  You need to get the most recent version of Quicktime. This can be done in several ways:


1. If you already have a version of QT installed, update it directly. For Windows XP, click on Start, find Quick Time and then select Quick TIme Updater. Naturally you must have an active internet connection for this to work.

2. If you do not have Quick Time, run the Quicktime installer on your Auf geht's! CD-ROM.

3. If you do not have the Auf geht's! CD-ROM handy you can download the latest version of Quicktime from Apple.



Q. How do I save my work with the Auf geht's! software?


A. It depends what you mean. Everything you do is automatically stored on your hard drive and is available to you every time you run the program. There is currently no way to export this work as some sort of digital file. Instead, to show what you have been doing, use the 'Printout' command that is located at the bottom of each Thema screen.


Q. What does the printout feature do?


A. It prints out your scores on many of the activities for that Thema as well as everything that you type into the Text Boxes. You can bring it to class to use there or turn in to your teacher if required.




Q. I try to print out my work but nothing happens.


A. Like with any other software, such as MS Word, you need a printer connected to your computer to print out your work. Make sure you have one! If a valid printer is hooked up, the printout feature should work fine.




Q. I don't have a printer!


A. This is ultimately your responsibility of course. Here are some suggestions:


1. Talk to the IT people at your university - they probably have some network printers on the campus that you can access over the school's network. Once you can access a printer, then the program will print as stated.


2. Get a cheap printer, used or new. They almost give them away these days, and someone probably has one laying around if you start asking.


3. Install a pdf print engine on your computer (sort of like installing a software printer). After you have installed the software, whenever you get a print dialogue box (from any application) you select the .pdf engine as your printer, and get a pdf file saved to your computer. This file can then be taken to a computer with access to a printer or emailed directly to your instructor.


There are a number of these. Of course the main one is Adobe Acrobat, since

they invented this format. There are also a number of

cheap alternatives. Here's a free one which which seems to work fine but which has not been extensively tested with AG!: http://www.pdf995.com/




Q. The speed tests are too fast - I can't ever keep up or finish the activity.


A. The way it works now with Speed Tests, you will hear a stimulus and then need to click on the answer. If you get it right, it will turn green. If you get it wrong, it will turn red and the correct answer will turn green briefly. DO NOT CLICK ON THIS GREEN ANSWER. Your computer stores each click you make, so if you click on the green one, it thinks its your answer to the NEXT question that you haven't even heard yet. This will get you into a downward spiral.


Instead, when you see the green correct answer flash, just ignore it and wait for your next stimulus. Then click on that.


Remember, each click you make is stored in order. If you find that you've accidently gotten ahead of the computer, just sit and wait a bit until it catches up.




Q. Can I redo my work on the computer?


A. Yes, and in fact we encourage it. The computer will store your best score or your most recent text entry.




Q. I can't make the special characters , , or !


A. Yes you can ;-) There is a basic intro to the issue of special characters on Windows machines at




The best method is to change your keyboard to the German keyboard, but there are also special key combinations that work in all applications to produce special characters.




Q. I want to report a problem with the software.


Nearly all issues with the software can be attributed to:


Problem with user computer/network (virus, no printer driver, etc.)

Insufficient understanding of how the software works

Unsupported functionality (such as cut and paste)

Error in our database (if answers are coming out incorrect)

System problem with the software (Windows issue)

Actual programming bug


Think about the issue a bit to make sure it isn't something obvious at your end. If that doesn't solve it, then follow the steps below to report the problem:


1. First identify exactly what screen it's on. You can do this by looking at the orange bar at the top of your program. It will tell you the Unit number (1-12) with a name, then the Thema number (usually 1-4), then the Module number (1-8) and then the actual screen, which will be a letter between A-H in white. So the screen 212A means unit 2, Thema 1, Module 2 screen A. It's titled Meine Familie: Tanja.


2. Once you have the screen identified, describe as precisely as you can what happens or doesn't happen. Here are a few examples of good bug-reports.


"On screen 323B I hit play on the audio bar to listen to Kai and all I hear is static so I can't do the activity. I only have that problem on this screen; the rest of the audio bars work fine".


This is a good report because it tells us where and what the problem is.




"On screen 124F I listen to the Germans saying numbers and it's just too fast: I can't possibly understand what they're saying, especially the guys."


Here are some bad 'bug' reports:


"I can't printout my work."


We don't know what this means. What screen are you on? What did you do? Is there a printer hooked up? Are you on a mac or PC? You need to be precise here.


"The speed test doesn't work."


What speed test? What screen? What do you mean by 'doesn't work'? You would need to describe exactly what you're doing to begin to understand the problem.


3. Send the report to forester@hope.edu. We'll get on it ASAP.




Q. I would like to make a suggestion to the creators of Auf geht's!


A. That's fine. Email it to forester@hope.edu. Remember that we have invested ourselves very heavily in this and it's much more difficult that you probably think, so friendly, specific suggestions or ideas are great. General ranting not so much...


Example: I would appreciate a way to listen to the audio in unit 3 more slowly. (fine suggestion)


Example: I hate the spelling practice. (This isn't really helpful because it doesn't say why, doesn't let us know whether you hate spelling in general etc. Make it specific, such as the activity is too long, too hard to type certain characters, you don't see the point of having to spell, etc.)


We welcome any suggestions, but remember that it all costs money. Some suggestions I have received would cost over $100,000 to implement, so even good ideas may not be implemented at this time for cost reasons.