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About German 201


You will have the unique opportunity of participating in a new German course developed right here at Hope College of all places. It will be significantly different from any other language course you have had before, so try to check your preconceptions of what learning German is at the door.


We will be using a new course curriculum called Auf geht's! which is directly available from the publisher (cheaper) or the Hope / Geneva Bookstore. It costs $139.95 + tax and shipping from the online site: http://www.evialearning.com.

You also need to get a paperback German-English dictionary, either from the Hope bookstore or elsewhere.


There will be periodic vocabulary and unit quizzes at times indicated on the syllabus.


There will be written homework as well as work on the CD-ROM that will need to be printed off for class.


Your grade in the course will be based on the following scale:

  • 30% Midterm and final
  • 35% Homework
  • 25% Quizzes and unit tests
  • 10% Class performance