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About German 201


You are about to experience the opportunity to participate in a new German course developed, of all places, right here at Hope College. It will be significantly different from any other language course you have had before, so if you have some preconceptions of what learning German is like, please try to check them at the door!



We will be using Auf geht's! which is available from the Hope/Geneva Bookstore. Do not buy a used edition unless it is essentially new -- you will be writing in the book and filling in material, and if it's already filled in by someone else, then it won't be your work. (Watch out for books that have the second half filled in -- useless next semester!) Also, you need the most current version of the software, which you will only get with a new copy of the book.

You can purchase it online as well here: www.aufgehts.com. It's cheaper from this online store than at the bookstore btw.

Make sure to get version 3.5!



There will be periodic vocabulary and unit quizzes at times indicated on the syllabus.

NOTE: There are NO make-up vocabulary quizzes or unit exams unless you contact me ahead of time to reschedule. Call me at x7567 or e-mail me at forester@hope.edu.



There will be written homework as well as work on the interactive software that will need to be printed off for class.

NOTE: Unless you notify me in advance, late homework is assessed a penalty of 20% per day. If you turn it in late, the highest grade you can get on it is an 80, which is the borderline between a B- and a C+. Save yourself the hassle: turn homework in on time.



Your grade in the course will be based on the following scale:

  • 10% Assigned essays
  • 10% Lernbuch (checked periodically)
  • 10% Grammar homework
  • 10% Software printouts
  • 20% Vocab quizzes
  • 15% Learning checks
  • 15% Can-do assessments
  • 10% Participation

Anyone who wants to achieve an A in this course, and is willing to put in the work, should be able to do so. It's not beyond anyone's reach. However, the course does require some homework every day, and you won't do well if you don't keep up with it.


Classroom Life

During the short 50 minutes allotted to us each day, we have a great deal to accomplish. Please help this take place by heeding the following rules and regs:

  • Bring the Lernbuch every day
  • Bring a pen or pencil (or two or three)
  • Be on time and be ready to TALK!