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The German major is an integrated program of language, literature and culture courses leading to linguistic competence, a basic knowledge of German literature and a high level of cultural awareness. This major is for students considering careers in which German language proficiency and cultural awareness are desired,
as well as those seeking employment in secondary education or preparing for advanced literary or linguistic studies at the graduate level. It also provides a stimulating program of study for those simply interested in German language and culture.
The major consists of 32 credits of German courses. These must include German 201 and 202 (or equivalent by examination or transfer), and 6 other courses numbered 280 or higher, including a minimum of two 400-level courses. Normally this would include the following: German 311, 375, 325 or 333, 313 or 355, and two of 452,
455, 464, 470 and 475.

Click here for a printable Major Declaration Form

Students preparing to teach at the secondary level need to also take Education 384 and must take German 464 as one of their 400-level courses. In addition, they must spend at least one semester in a German-speaking country. German 355 is strongly recommended because of its technology component.
Students planning to teach a foreign language in grades K-12 must meet all requirements of the Department of Education upon being formally admitted to the Teacher Education program (see Education, pages 164-166), in addition to those of the language department.

A minor consists of a minimum of 28 credits, of which 12 must be numbered 280 or higher. Majors and minors are strongly encouraged to complement their German major/minor with courses from other departments. Among recommended courses are: Economics 402; Education 305 and 384; History 131 and 240; Philosophy 373;
Theatre 304.

Click here for a printable Minor Declaration Form


If you have a German major, you'll need a Major Advisor. You have two choices: Professor de Haan (x7560) or Professor Forester (x7567). You can contact either of them to have them advise you, or simply let Karen Barber-Gibson in the DMCL office know of your choice.

If you have multiple majors, you'll need an advisor (and a major declaration) for each. One of your advisors will be your main advisor who signs all your paperwork etc. But don't forget to get informal advisors in the other majors so that you have good advice for each major.

    Education Majors

Education majors will get the info they need from the Education Department. For Secondary Ed majors, you will need to take German 464 (History and Structure of German) and it is strongly recommended that you take German 355 too because it has a strong technology component.

Secondary Ed majors should also let Professor Forester know about your major ASAP. He will tell you about the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) and other professional groups and resources you will need to know about if you plan to become a German teacher in the future.

    Getting Help

If you have any questions about anything having to do with German at Hope, contact either:

Professor de Haan (x7560) or

Professor Forester (x7567).

It's best to call ahead or especially email ahead. If neither of them can be reached, try Karen Barber-Gibson (x7570), the secretary for the Dept. of Modern and Classical Languages.