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Extra Curriculars

    German House

The Gisela Strand German House is an off-campus cottage (145 E. 14th St.) open to German students of at least Sophomore standing (women only!). The mission of the German House is to help students develop their German speaking in a non-classroom atmosphere. The German Assistant lives in the German House as well, so it's a great opportunity to practice with a native speaker for the whole year. The German House hosts a few German Club activities each semester and women living there may receive up to 1 adacemic credit as a kind of 'internship.' And ... you're OUT OF THE DORMS.

The Gisela Strand German House is named in honor of Prof. Gisela Strand who served the German department for many years and worked to make the German House a reality. She retired in 2002 and is already sorely missed!

If you are interested in applying to live in the German House, contact Professor Forester and send him this application form. The due date is February 15. Naturally it's good to plan ahead and try to rope some of your German-speaking friends into living together. This is a great opportunity for preparing for study in Germany: Live in the German House during Sophomore year, study in Freiburg/Berlin during Junior Year, come back and graduate and get on with life.

    German Club

Stammtisch: Hier kann man mit Studenten und Professoren essen, trinken und Deutsch sprechen! Und natürlich auch Doppelkopf und Äpfel zu Äpfeln spielen!


Mittwoch, 20. Jan. 16.30: Stammtisch (Curragh)


Mittwoch, 3 Feb. 16.30: Stammtisch (Curragh)
Donnerstag, 18. Feb. 16.30: Stammtisch (Curragh)


Mittwoch, 2. März. 16.30: Stammtisch (Curragh)
Mittwoch, 16. März. 16.30: Stammtisch (Curragh)
Mittwoch, 30. März. 16.30: Stammtisch (Curragh)


Mittwoch, 13. April. 16.30: Stammtisch (Curragh)
Mittwoch, 27. März. 16.30: Stammtisch (Curragh)

Send an email to Prof. Forester to put yourself on the German Club email list if you aren't already on it.
    Delta Phi Alpha Honors Soceity

Hope College has a chapter of the Delta Phi Alpha National German Honor Society, the purpose of which is to "recognize excellence in the study of German and to provide an incentive for higher scholarship." Hope's chapter has been in existance for over 50 years.

To become a member of the DPA, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.0
  • Minimum German GPA of 3.5
  • Declared German major or minor
  • Approval of German Department faculty

Lifetime membership costs $20.00 as a one-time fee.

Each year, new members of the DPA are received in an initiation dinner where they are expected to offer a literary contribution (songs, poetry or literature reading, etc.) Naturally nem members can consult with current members of faculty for ideas.

The DPA also offers scholarships for students planning on studying in Germany.

Please contact Professor Forester if you are interested in becoming a member of DPA.

    Awards and Prizes
See all the German Awards here!
    Doppelkopf und Skat

For your Hope College card-players out there, here are some links to two German card games that make Euchre pale in comparison. No, really! Doppelkopf and Skat.

Professor Forester plays both games as often as he can, so make sure to contact him if you're interested in being included in various Doko/Skat afternoons/evenings as they occur...

    German Internet Radio
Listen to German music live here.